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Women Should Be Allowed To Take Naps At Work To Increase Productivity- Study

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A sound sleep is refreshing and helps in keeping our body energized throughout the day. It also helps in being productive in the office and you feel more active while giving that powerpoint presentation.

However, the fact that sleeping makes us feel better and is important - irregular sleep can make you feel worse for the entire day, new study says.

When you are sleepy during work hours and your mind just cannot work, you crib and cry about how pathetic your life has become to friends. The fact that women believe in multi-tasking and have a more 'complex' state of mind, that is the primary reason why they need more sleep than men. It is believed that women need 20 minutes more sleep than men because their brain works faster during the day.

On an average, women have a busier schedule than men because a majority of women who are working and have a family, have a lot to manage and take care of. Because of this, their mind tend to be excessively busy, which makes them more exhausted. Another reason for women to feel more sleepy and need more sleep could be the fact that their body goes through a lot of hormonal changes.

During periods, pregnancy and menopause , the body suffers physical pain and discomfort making woman's body more prone to sleep and require a little more sleep than men who nearly have no natural physical pain in their body.

Women tend to stress and think about problems before their menstrual cycle starts. This exhausts their mind, because of which, they require a little time off from the muddled state of their mind. And, this could only happen when women get better sleep and sleep a little longer.

Working ladies tend to feel sleepy when they are at work. According to the New York Times , catching naps during work hours is not a crime! It shouldn't be a wrong thing to do while at work because when you are eyes-shutting sleepy, you tend to become less productive and hence it affects your work and your performance.

People should be allowed to sleep at the workplace in order to be more productive and be more beneficial for the company. It is not something to apologize. In fact, lagging behind and not giving your hundred percent because you are sleepy and your eyes are shutting, can be humiliating.

The body needs rest and sleep every now and then. It is just like those expensive cars that you see on the streets. The car frequently needs servicing and cleaning, therefore you take your car and leave it till the time it is actually ready to be back in the game. In the same way, your body needs sleep after having a tiresome day.

However, the truth cannot be buried that the kind of lifestyle and work routine you have, getting up in the morning and sleeping at night early is something that is hard to happen. Therefore, there is the only way you can fix this, and this by taking power naps while you are going to have lunch or on a coffee break.

If one exceeds their napping time to more than 20 minutes, then your body becomes lethargic and you start feeling even more sleepy. Therefore, it is important that you don't sleep for a long time, and find your boss standing in front of your chair with a 'you are fired' face.

To catch up with that lost sleep of yours in your workplace, you can look for any empty rooms or if you own a car, you can quickly go and try to take a nap for 20 minutes. You will be back in a jiffy, that too refreshed. In order to not exceed 20 minutes time, you can put an alarm and snooze off.

If you are one of those people who cannot sleep anywhere and everywhere, then you can use sound-blocking earplugs and try to block the light with a funky blindfold from bothering your eyes.

A lot of thing matters that might be making you sleepy in the office. You should avoid eating heavy foo, or food that has a large number, or oil and spicy- that is the reason why you start feeling sleepy and sluggish.

There are a lot of side effects that your body goes through when you are not getting proper sleep. For example, women are more flexible and are capable of doing many things at a time, making their minds restless- in this situation, if they do not get a proper sleep it starts affecting them mentally and they are more likely to get angry and irritated.

Lack of sleep also leads to depression, excessive loss or gain of appetite, posture issues, eye problems, and irregular routine of sleep also affects the digestive system of it. If you experience any such issues, always consult a professional to help yourself.

Therefore, taking naps frequently is only going to help you become productive and beneficial during your work hours. Any nap helps in bringing back the alertness and activeness because of which you tend to do more work with full concentration.

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