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May 16, 2018 | Women Health

How Rahab, The Protitute In The Bible Teaches Women To Be Smart

By Lois Impact Osae Badiako
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Be a smart woman.
I love Rahab, the prostitute in the Bible. If you’ve not heard her story let me share it briefly. She was a prostitute who lived in Jericho minding her own business and being about her duties.

The Lord had promised the Israelites he would hand over Rahab’s people to them so their leader, Joshua sent spies to go into the land to assess the place so they would know what to do in possessing the land. When the spies got there, they went to Rahab who hid them from the king’s men who were sent to look for them.

Rahab told the spies she had seen that her nation and her people had been given to the Israelites and that she believed that the God of the Israelites was the true God.

She hid these soldiers and had a smart transaction with them that to preserve their lives, they should vow to her that when the Israelites come to defeat her people she and her household will be safe. So they gave her their word and asked that she ties a scarlet cord to her window as a sign and anyone in that house during the invasion will be preserved;she did so and she and her whole household was saved. (Joshua 2)

Dear woman, analyze every situation you come across and make the best out of it. Don’t let your emotions lead you or direct you, let the spirit of God guide you. You need to be a woman with spirited discernment. Life comes with so many opportunities and issues, each day we are faced with choices, decisions and transaction which will determine the quality of life we have, our future, and our destiny.

Though Rahab was a prostitute, she was a woman with discernment who was very analytical. She was smart and was able to see beyond the two customers who had come to her. She did not just look at the temporary situation and insist on getting some money from these men in exchange for her body, but she saw opportunity.

She saw salvation. She realized she had been given the key to the preservation of her family and her life. Rahab saw, she knew! She saw through the situation at hand. She could have gone to report the spies but because she was discerning, she knew that reporting them would only let her lose her life and that of her people. She immediately went in with a bargain. She let go off her immediate opportunity for a bigger opportunity.

Dear Woman, what situation are you in now? Be patient before you act. Think about the bigger picture. Don’t be temporal. Don’t be a today woman. Be a futuristic woman. How essential is what you are holding on today, to your future. How impactful will what you are letting go be to your future. It can be a job, profession, relationship, marriage, lifestyle etc.

In everything you do today, think about the future. Is this transaction worth my stand? How would it affect my family, my future, my generation? If the lives of your family or generation depended on you, would you make a good bargain?

There are several destinies connected to you. There are people you don’t know who would not get an opportunity at life, if you don’t preserve them. Someone is destined to see your life and be saved. Your story is supposed to encourage another woman one day. Your vision is supposed to be big so many will feed from it. You are a mother of nations. Don’t belittle yourself and think your life doesn’t affect people. Your choices in life affect everyone around you. See each day as a day to do smart transactions that will positively impact those who know you. Live as an example to ladies around you.

Ask that your spirit will be open to the plans of the Lord for your life and ask for the Spirit of discernment. At every decision making point, at any time you have to choose between two things, ask yourself, is this a scarlet cloth transaction or an ordinary one? If it’s a scarlet cloth transaction, be smart! Generations are depending on you!

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