Hopeson Adorye’s arrest: God is using the moment of embarrassment to glorify Himself in your life — Empress Gifty consoles husband 

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Ghanaian gospel musician Gifty Adorye, alias Empress Gifty has offered words of encouragement to her husband, Hopeson Adorye, following his release by the police after an arrest.

She counselled her husband not to let his arrest by the police affect him psychologically, suggesting it could be a blessing in disguise.

She compared her husband’s ordeal to the biblical Joseph, who was sold by his brothers to foreigners to eliminate him, yet it turned out to be a disguised blessing that God used.

“God can use a moment of embarrassment to glorify Himself in your life. At times, individuals conspire to sully your reputation and inflict pain, but for me, such challenges fortify you, inspire ideas, and even lead to glorification.

“Joseph was not native to Egypt, but because God had predestined him for greatness, see how God arranged for his own brothers to sell him. They even slaughtered an animal and stained his garment with its blood to deceive their father into believing he had been killed. Little did they know, it was the start of something significant that God intended to accomplish in his life,” she said in an Instagram live session.

Hopeson Adorye, radiating with smiles, remarked, “That’s correct. That’s why I stated that what transpired has raised me to glory.”

Hopeson Adorye was granted a 20,000 Ghana cedis bail by a Circuit Court on May 23, 2024, after facing charges for publishing fake news.

His arrest follows his assertion that he detonated explosives (dynamite) in the opposition NDC stronghold in the Volta Region during the 2016 general elections.

He indicated that the operation was a personal endeavour conducted without the knowledge of the regional executives.

He later clarified that the event occurred in neighbouring Togo, suggesting no reports of explosions in the Volta Region before or during the 2016 polls.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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