Ghana needs leaders with integrity to end corruption, emigration crisis – Kofi Amoabeng

  Sun, 16 Jun 2024
Social News Ghana needs leaders with integrity to end corruption, emigration crisis – Kofi Amoabeng

Captain Prince Kofi Amoabeng (RTD), former CEO of UT Holdings and founder of the PK Amoabeng Leadership Foundation, has raised concerns over the nation’s leadership.


He is calling for the emergence of resilient and visionary leaders to propel Ghana to greater heights.

Highlighting the flaws and ineffectiveness of the current leadership, he advocates for a new direction characterised by integrity, honesty, and universal respect.


Amoabeng pinpointed the widespread corruption and the trend of citizens emigrating in search of better prospects as critical issues that necessitate immediate action.

At a stakeholder event celebrating his life and work in Accra on Saturday, he underscored the importance of leadership that can make a positive difference in people’s lives and reshape the country’s story.


He conveyed the necessity for leaders who embody the correct mindset, uphold respect for every individual, and are truly dedicated to eradicating the prevalent corruption, fixing the broken systems, and addressing the economic disparities that benefit a select few while driving away numerous industries and promising young talents.

Amoabeng asserted that authentic leadership is about fostering trust and motivating individuals to work towards a shared goal. He cited successful leadership models in countries like China, Singapore, and Rwanda.


He called for the adoption of similar leadership qualities in Ghana, stressing the need for leaders who are modest, fervent, and committed to enacting positive change.

He expressed optimism for a new cadre of leaders capable of revolutionizing Ghana’s destiny and guiding it on a path of progress.


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