Consult traditional authorities on education policies – Warlord to government 

  Sun, 16 Jun 2024
Education Consult traditional authorities on education policies – Warlord to government 

Togbi Agbesi Awusu II, Awadada (Warlord) of Anlo State has called on the government and policy makers to consult with traditional authorities when drawing up educational policies.

This, he said would ensure the inclusion of their concerns as well as inculcating indigenous values and customs into student development.

Speaking as the special Guest of Honour during the 50th anniversary celebration of 1974 year group of Keta Senior High Technical School (KETASCO), Togbi Awusu said only through that could schools imbibe the cultural values of the communities in which they are found for a holistic development of the students.

“It is imperative that government consults with the traditional authorities on important decisions regarding schools to ensure that its governance aligns with the values and aspirations of our people.”

“It is essential to recognise that today’s education is not solely about passing examinations. It is equally about inculcating values in our children as well. The values of Anlo such as integrity, respect, honesty, hard work, and dedication are needed more than ever in Ghana today.

“So, I urge the school to adopt and integrate these Anlo values into their education and upbringing of our children to nurture all round individuals, who are not only knowledgeable but also morally upright, and socially responsible,” Togbi Awusu stated.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency after the ceremony and bemoaned the falling standard of education in the area citing KETASCO as example.

“The recent academic performance of our schools in Anlo including KETASCO has not been the best and we cannot afford to let this trend continue so I am urging the school management to take immediate and decisive steps to address these challenges to even restore KETASCO to a grade A status.”

The Awadada, who is also an old student, then pledge their support as traditional authorities to the school management, government, and other stakeholders to create an environment to make students excel both academically and morally.


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