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15.04.2019 Industry News

Start Making Quality Movies To Promote Ghana – Ama K. Abebrese To Film Makers

By Vanessa Bless Nordzi
Start Making Quality Movies To Promote Ghana – Ama K. Abebrese To Film Makers
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Ghanaian actress and movie producer Ama K. Abebrese has bemoaned local film producers and directors to concentrate on making quality movies in order to sell the country to the international market.

The production of substandard films in the country indeed became a common practice few years ago that triggered the debate from movie lovers blaming producers for not taking maximum time to churn out quality movies.

However, those in the industry responding to claims from the public say lack of funds has over the years compromised the quality of films Ghanaian are supposed to enjoy.

But speaking in an interview with Kumasi-based Fox FM, Ama K. Abebrese clearly reprimanded them over such flimsy excuses stating that producing quality movies does not all the time demand huge amount of money.

“It is not always about the biggest budget or the biggest money. Whenever we come together in making project, let’s think of quality”, she stressed.

“I always say that, when producing movies, make sure you bring out the quality. I have been in the movie industry for about 22 years and my advice is that, if you want to do something, do what can last for a hundred years and for people to also say indeed this film has a lot of quality, " Ama K. Abebrese noted.

Ama K. Abebrese is an award-winning British Ghanaian actress, television presenter and producer. She was born in Ghana and raised in West London in the United Kingdom.

She won the 2011 Best Actress in a Leading Role at the AMAA Awards for her stellar performance in Sinking Sands.