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20.03.2007 Feature Article

Are Ghanaians well informed about the NHIS?

The introduction of the new NHIS could not have come at this prime time. This is certainly, one of the brilliant ideas, which this government have implemented.

On the other hand, are the general public been well informed and given leaflets about NHIS as they register or only given certificates as they pay for membership?

It appears this is not happen in majority of cases. In some instances general public have paid membership fees but have not been issued with the information as to the benefits the membership details.

The marketing of the NHIS went down well and everyone one need the necessary information to re-enforce the message to the public.

I hope the distribution of the leaflets showing the benefits the general public is entitled with their payment would be through our post offices. This would create easy access for everyone.

Ghana might be the first African country to strategically think of health benefits to its general population in the way. Well done! And as such one of the greatest achievements we have ever enjoyed and proud of sharing a quality of life throughout our nation, having registered as a NHIS membership. Hope all our general hospitals, health centres and polyclinics would be now be well equipped to provide a standard of care universally, which would be acceptable to the nation.

Finally, I want to congratulate the government on this initiative. Well done to the department of Health for ensuring introduction of the NHIS.

Mercy Adede Bolus
Mercy Adede Bolus, © 2007

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