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04.12.2002 Football News

Managerial incompetence in soccer is bane of North

By gna
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The lack of managerial competence and funding were on Tuesday identified as the two main obstacles to development of football teams in the Upper West Region to get to the premier division.

"People want to watch football, but they don' want to pay", said Sahanum Mogtari, Upper West Regional Minister said when he briefed the press in Accra on development projects in the region since January 2001. The Ministry of Information and Presidential Affairs initiated the encounter dubbed "Meet the Press".

Mogtari said the Upper West Region, the youngest of the 10 regions in Ghana lacked the basic infrastructure for the promotion of sports. "In fact the only infrastructure that is available are three walled playing fields in Wa, Lawra and Tumu which were all constructed during the NRC/SMC era. The two in Lawra and Tumu have seen very little activity and are virtually abandoned,” Mogtari said.

He said the government aims at reactivating those fields by fencing, providing seats seats and re-furnishing the dressing rooms.

Mogtari recalled a recent visit of the Youth and Sports Minister to the region after which an estimated ¢89m was proposed for a complete renovation of the Wa Sports Stadium. He said the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) has responded with ¢40m, and the RCC was prepared to provide the rest of ¢49m for the project.

Mogtari said the RCC had instructed all district assemblies to set aside funds towards the development of at least one stadium in their districts, and urged the MOYS to assist the district assemblies in that endeavour, saying it was "quite a huge venture."

He invited people with the funds and expertise in football and other sporting disciplines to invest and raise their levels in the region.

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