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20.12.2007 Feature Article

A. R. Harruna Attah writes...Looking into the future

A. R. Harruna Attah writes...Looking into the future

Asked Julius Caesar regarding the Ides of March: What say the auguries?

In Macbeth, the witches point Macbeth and Banquo towards the Scottish and English thrones.

Human curiousity about the future has been with us since creation and will no doubt remain with us for eternity. How we all wish we could see into the future and influence events. Who would reject the offer of a forecast to help win the lottery?!

Who would reject a peek into the future if it would help prevent some traumatic situation? But there are times when a dose of common sense is all that is required to make the right judgement and take the right decision.

If the over two thousand delegates assembling on Saturday to elect a presidential candidate had a way of getting a snap shot of Election 2008 before it happened, I wonder how they would vote! Would money have counted?

Sometimes a dose of common sense tinged with some humility and modesty are all that is required to see far. But I should not rush – they may yet triumph on that day as delegates with eyes to see will certainly go looking into the future...!

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