20.04.2020 Feature Article

The Fallacy of “We are all for God but each One for Himself” is Exposed

The Fallacy of “We are all for God but each One for Himself” is Exposed
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Many a time had I been admonished by friends who appear to care about me to pursue my personal interests that will make me rich, powerful, etc., rather than doing things in pursuance of the collective interests of Ghanaians. To persuade me, they often cite the saying, “We are all for God but each one for himself”

Fellow Ghanaians, be informed by me that the quoted saying, wherever it emerged from, whoever was the first person to come out with it, and however it came about, is a complete fallacy. I had never ascribed to it. I have never adhered to it and will never do.

The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has come to confirm the biblical admonition to humanity to strive to be one another’s keeper all of the time. Without each of us trying their best to ensure the safety of the other, through the sharing of ideas and disclosing of possible methods and medicines for the prevention from, and/or treatment of, Covid-19 infection, many could have become victims of the deadly virus.

Why have we suddenly decided to share information on, or suggest possible means of, combating or containing the spread of the lethal virus? Is it not because the disease is so infectious or contagious and that in order not to get infected ourselves by those who have been infected, we had better assist in preventing people from getting infected in the first place hence now assiduously sharing information in what is indeed being one another’s keeper in this era of the deadly Covid-19 staring us in the face?

Those Ghanaians who have until now selfishly illegally amassed wealth by stealth, stuck them in their private foreign bank or offshore accounts, bow down your heads in shame for the greatest disservice you have done to mother Ghana and Ghanaians. You were pursuing your utterly selfish, parochial and insatiably greedy interests but the deadly novel coronavirus has come to expose your hollowness of thinking as a human being. Can you proceed abroad to enjoy your stolen wealth now that there is international lockdown of countries where all flights have almost been grounded with strict restrictions on entry and exit, to and from the countries, in place?

Has it not now become “We are all for God and for each other?” Let Africans, and especially Ghanaians, cease believing in selfish attitudes or else, there is coming a day that we shall all perish, falling like dried leaves off their branches in summer or in dry season. We have to think as a people with a common destiny fighting for survival.

We get panicked when we hear of rumours or the reality of our white contemporaries, especially the sly Chinese neo-colonialists, planning to exterminate our race or depopulate us. What can we do to prevent this in case it were true? Is it not by us sticking together as a people, eschewing our selfish interests to rather pursue a collective interest beneficial to all as Ghanaians and black people to guarantee our survival and sustainability on earth?

Why can’t Ghanaians or black people think far but allow money and material wealth to cloud our minds to the extent that we feel it is absolutely genial to steal from our black African countries to hide the monies so stolen abroad? Are we not stupid to do that? How many white leaders or people steal their countries’ money to run to hide them in African banks in Africa? Are we not mad as a people? Are we not digging our own graves to be eventually buried in by infectious diseases like this ongoing Covid-19 outbreak?

Anyway, we shall emerge from the Covid-19 bruised but the bruises must remind us that further dangerous days or years lie ahead so we had better prepare for them as a group of people and a nation but not as our usual corrupt, selfish and greedy individuals who desire to reap from where they have never sown or take from the poor what they have not provided them with.

A word to the wise us enough. This is a clarion call to Ghanaians to cease their perpetuation of myopic but injurious acts of selfishness and short-sightedness.

Rockson Adofo
Monday, 20 April 2020

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