08.04.2020 Opinion

Ghana And The World At War...Lamentations

By Sah Collins
Ghana And The World At War...Lamentations
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This virus (Covid-19) is increasingly and rapidly becoming a great force to reckon with in even the 'developed' countries that thought they had the best of medical facilities. This virus has shown the world that we are not self-sufficient and we can never be. It has brought to bare the gaping loopholes and our weaknesses in what we thought we were the best in.

Globally, approximately 1.4 million have been affected and people are dying every second of every day. One cannot even say with certainty, the death toll or a number of infections because it keeps changing. Are we left to die?

This war is not being fought with the sophisticated mass murdering weapons the so-called 'superpowers' have in their arsenals and have always threatened each other with. Not long ago, North Korea and America almost started a third world war and were at each other's throats.

The question is, where are their weapons they were flamboyantly waving in each other's faces amid the threats of total annihilation? I wish they could shoot at the virus and kill it dead like raid. Their arsenals have been rendered useless and meaningless. Their super computers cannot save them and by extension us. I looked and I have seen everything as naught. As lamentations puts it "everything under the sun is meaningless"

We are at war and this war is not about who is the strongest, the weakest, the most developed, the impoverished and underdeveloped, the richest, the poorest of the most famous. This war has served as a tranquilizer, dazing the whole world into humble submission. We have realized through this bitter experience, that the loud show of force and power is meaningless in the face of our existential threats.

We all have been called to the battlefront to fight; the old and young, the big and small, the weak and strong, the developed and the undeveloped. Our mutual and collective survival depends on us all.

Our country Ghana is at war. We are not in normal times and therefore we should not expect normal things. Our political affiliations have so much divided us to the extent that we find it difficult working together as one people, one nation and one tribe against this mass murderer called COVID-19.

The state is doing all that she can to protect us all. She has given several directives, not for her gain but to protect the general populace. We need to be politically neutral in these trying times so I won't single out anything specifically done by the government. I hope it will be understood.

The current problem of the state is her people that she is trying hard to protect. We have become too stubborn, obstinate and strong headed to deal with. A lady on utv last week was quizzed by a reporter on why she was out and her response was insanely lame. She has heard there were police and military personnel in town so she came to see if it were true. Hahaha, please don't shake your head and 'drop it off'.

I was sad to see on social media how people are wasting water just because the state said it is footing the bill for the next three months. Are we safe as a people with the kind of youth we have? People have taken to the social media and are circulating false information and old videos just to cause fear and panic. Not only bad things are there though. There are some funny videos of people doing funny things to kill time. I can't end this paragraph without mentioning the COVID- 19 ABC by Clemento Suarez.

Some security personnel who have also been deployed to protect the ordinary people have also taken advantage and inflicting pain on some people who have genuine reasons for coming out. The state in her wisdom allowed certain essential services in the lockdown areas to run and people have to access these services. I hear stories on TV and radio about britalities and some are worrying. I hope the commanders bring this alienated behaviors under control.

We are at war, and I weep for the vulnerable,the weak and the neglected in our society. Politicians pretend to take care of them. They send sanitizers and other things with their pictures beautifully pasted on it. Elections are on their minds. Hahaha. I see this and I weep for us all.

We are at war, and some of the directives may not favor us. They may not seem palatable. We may be restricted and locked down but it is for our own good. The efforts of the state will be much ado about nothing if we don't help ourselves. People with darkened political lenses have always criticized destructively with no solutions or alternatives to offer. They have loudly cried out but without substance. Oh Ghana, where is your patriotic sons and daughters.

The state will not allow any person to commit suicide by aimlessly walking around. We will keep enforcing the laws and whip people into obedience to protect themselves. People will be arrested and prosecuted for trying suicide. Yes suicide because it should be likened to it.

We are at war, and life will be difficult and stressing. We have prayed and continues to pray. God will speak and has spoken already. His words are just waiting to manifest in the physical. Let us not to be overly Christian and flout the state's directives thinking God will protect us. We are at war and not in normal times.

Peace has elluded the world. The peace we so took for granted now cannot be found. We are running after it but it is long gone. Though we are not defeated, our backs are on the floor. We are struggling to rise and rising we shall. The whole world is on an extended holidays. Though some people are finding it difficult to cope yet it is a necessary evil. World economies are in lockdown. Some are crumbling and others are in tatters.

Thankfully, our political elites cannot run. They have nowhere to run to. We are all in this together. Their heavenly oases are even worse. They are landlocked. They are grounded. Where lie their hope? From nowhere but from above. We are all looking up and crying unto our maker. We are doomed but not finished.

We are at war!!

Stay home

Spread calm

Stay safe

Wash your hands severally

Sah Collins

CTI- middle belt

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