Politics Of Respect And Ideas The Legacy Of Nana Akuffo Addo

Feature Article Nana Akuffo Addo
MAR 22, 2020 LISTEN
Nana Akuffo Addo

I will like to salute the president of Ghana president Nana Akuffo Addo for his leadership and self-disciplined. He has lead Ghana country with wisdom and good policies.

I am not writing this article because I am a party member, but I am writing this article to show my appreciation for good leadership and the redemption of Ghana from collapse by the NDC government.

President NAAD has never tread words of insult to his opponent and attacks the opposite political party, I will, therefore, asked all up and coming politicians to learn from him and let us do politics with ideas and decencies.

I will, therefore, want to highlight some of his wisdom that he is using to lead Ghana, which each Ghanaian is benefitting.

Free SHS this a policy that people without future ideas will never understand and stomach politicians like NDC members will go all out to fight it and bring it down, but I ask Ghanaians this is a single policy that no country or president can implement it takes only NPP with their leader to implement a policy that will empower the future of Ghana children.

I ask Ghanaians during the NDC rule what did they use the school fees that parents paid for!!!!!! I was told they stole all those money to invest in Dubai, South Africa, etc.

Restoration of teachers and nurses allowances, they stopped paying nurses and teachers allowances something that was there many years ago they came to stop it and all the money were taken by the NDC party and it members to share whiles the poor training college students were denied money that will help them have their daily bread.

I asked Ghanaians to take note of this party called NDC and never, never, bring this party into power again, let me also remind Ghanaians that it is only NPP party that has Ghanaians in heart and that has social policies that ordinary can benefit.

Remember NPP has One Dam One Village (1V1D), to help farmers up North to farm all year round, One Constituency One Million Dollars, (1C1M) to help constituency implement projects that will help promote development in the constituency and One District One Factory, (1D1F) this will help district farmers produced raw materials to feed the factory and the factories too will employ the youth in the district and at the end, Ghana can also, export finished goods abroad and increase our foreign earnings.

The only party that can help developed Ghana is NPP and I asked all Ghanaians to come on board to help the NPP party develop Ghana, do not think about what you will get as a member but rather the contribution you can give to the party to help develop Ghana.

Remember NDC history as a party in Ghana is full of sorrow and corruption from all angles, its route from AFRC/PNDC TO NDC.

Remember to support the initiative of NPP and help NPP to continue to be in power, this is about Ghana's development and is beyond party politics.

To NPP party executives and Minister my appeal and hope for you to work with dignity and remember about our enemy call corruption mafia.