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20.03.2020 Sports News

COVID-19; The virus that will go down in history as one that destabilized “giants” – Hilda Djokotoe

By Data Politico
COVID-19; The virus that will go down in history as one that destabilized “giants” – Hilda Djokotoe
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COVID-19, aka coronavirus. The virus that will go down in history for some, as one that destabilized “giants” of the world and brought powerful nations to their knees.

In the not so distant past, Ebola virus put Africa in a state of panic, as some watched helplessly, the suffering of many and while many others lived their lives as though nothing was happening. The last ebola patient was discharged only weeks ago and suffice to say that it got little or no media attention, given that it was an African problem.

Here we are today, grappling with what was a “China” problem, now a world problem. Nature knows no boundaries, borders or walls and Corona certainly does not need a passport nor permission to enter any country. The past weeks have been eye opening, as perceived scarcity, due to store closures, throws people into a frenzy and exposes a side of humanity that would have been described as “uncivilized”, if it was not happening in the “civilized” world. These behaviors as witnessed, tend to be the norm for those who live in real and constant scarcity, and are described as “uncivilized “ rather than seen as humans exhibiting natural human survival instincts. Hopefully, seeing civilized people also behave badly, will help in the recognition of our sameness, rather than our differences.

While the fear and chaos continues around us, I hope we hold on to hope, knowing that this too shall pass. Absolutely nothing is permanent and CORONA is no different. Someday, when we have the luxury to look back on COVID-19 and see our interconnectedness, I hope we drop all the labels we’ve created to emphasize our differences such as race, sexuality, gender, class, economic standing of countries, the various levels of world (1st world, 2nd world, 3rd world), and see one world, one humanity in pursuit of the same thing - LIFE.

I hope we find the strength and courage to ride these treacherous waves. This too shall pass! Peace and good health from me to you.

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