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10.02.2020 Opinion

Osu Is Dirtiest And Smelling Than Ever, And We Say We Have A Government And City Authorities

By Naa Odey
Osu Is Dirtiest And Smelling Than Ever, And We Say We Have A Government And City Authorities
LISTEN FEB 10, 2020

Accra has become the home of beautiful madness. I am not talking of the many mentally ill people who have become a regular spectacle. I am referring to the fact that we have a sitting president, resident in Accra, who made a promise to make Accra the cleanest city in Accra, comfortably happy and asking for four more years while our cities and nation is been swallowed by rubbish.

Osu touted as the nation's top tourist hub and entertainment is dirtiest now and improperly managed & planned, than over twenty years ago when it earned it status. Osu is evidence that over the years, we have useless leaders, who are like the vulture.

They brag about developing the tourism potential of Ghana but do absolutely nothing about it. Only incompetent and idealess people have been appointed into that ministry. Yet we pay tourism levy on the least things as even citizens of Ghana.

What has the government of Ghana, the Ghana tourist authority been doing with all the money being collected? These nincompoops even have the impetus to close down facilities that are doing well. We have become a people who do not know how to hold our leaders to account. And they steal our meager resources, make foolish draconian policies and laws which profit no Ghanaian, but usually foreigners and themselves.

Are we sensible people in Ghana at all. We bring people from all over the world, and they want to see the infamous Osu. And the gutters are choked, smelling and running over onto the streets in certain places. The whole place is disorganized, not well planned with heavy traffic. This is shameful.

We don't need a hundred years to deal with these problems. It rather shows how useless we are, for all the revenue that Osu generates.

I am not even writing this for our corrupt officials to do something about it, but to shame them and expose their folly if no other Ghanaian would.

Shame to all who have been a part of our government for the last twenty years. You are a shameful lot.

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