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23.01.2020 Article

Is A Credible Register A Threat To The NDC?

By Matin Abdallah || UG-TESCON President
Is A Credible Register A Threat To The NDC?
LISTEN JAN 23, 2020

It is trite knowledge that the Electoral Commission of Ghana has set forth a decision to acquire a new biometric voter management solution and to subsequently compile a fresh voters’ roll. The move by the elections management body as guaranteed by the constitution is adequately founded on sound reasoning of cost efficiency, voters register enhancement and integrity and operational convenience.

The NDC as characteristic of them has mounted up a battle to slug it out with the EC against any positive move to restore sanity to the country’s elections management. The expensive question that nags my brain is why the NDC is furiously fighting a progressive action that will standardize our electoral regime for elections 2020 and beyond?

If you are not a criminal or thief, will you be afraid to see a police officer coming your way, or take to your heels when the word ‘thief’ is mentioned in the market center? One is not afraid of something for no reason, there must always be a cause for that. Subsequently, the NDC must have a reason for being scared of a new electoral register being rolled out. What are they afraid of? I just want to know!

The current voters register as proven by 2012 Election Petition is inundated with the names of foreigners and/or those who should legally have no right to electoral franchise in Ghana. To rid this suspicion which is a fact, from the minds of discerning Ghanaians to put their minds at rest and to save Ghana from unnecessary headaches, it is just reasonable that no person moans about having a new register. The moaners must have something to hide which the sensible members of the public are not aware of. What could that be? Please NDC and all those agitating against having a new credible electoral register tell us. Is it the over 500,000 additional ghost votes Afari Gyan could not prove in court during the 2012 election petition.

Is it the illegal votes Mrs Charlotte Osei once said her Deputy, Mr. Amadu Sulley, was transferring. Such illegal voters are the reason for desiring a new register that deletes those illegal votes. Some people talk about the money involved which to them is not worthy of wasting. The EC has outlined rather how the new biometric system about to be adopted will save the country over Ghc173 million cedis. Is it really the case that the NDC can never win through a credible, fair, reliable and transparent process?

The NDC, their agents and assigns can weep the tears of crimson, there must be a new credible electoral register. We should not countenance their stupid machismo insanity anymore. It is about time we flexed our muscles for them to see that nobody is afraid of their bestial threats. Ghana does not belong to them alone but to every Ghanaian, therefore, we should not allow them to have their jungle way all of the time.

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