Grant ACP Agordzo Bail — Vakpo Todzi Residents Demand

Headlines Grant ACP Agordzo Bail — Vakpo Todzi Residents Demand
JAN 6, 2020 LISTEN

The Chiefs and people of Vakpo Todzi, the hometown of ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzo, who is standing trial for his alleged involvement in a coup plot to destabilize the country, are demanding bail for their relative.

They are also demanding an expedition of the trial.

During a press conference held in Vakpo Todzi, Togbe Awuro V who read the statement on behalf of all Chiefs of the area said they do not seek to interfere with the judicial process but to instead request for bail while the law takes its course.

Amidst singing of dirges and chanting of war songs, the people expressed unhappiness over the turn of events.

“We are not condemning actions of government. As a disciplined community with law-abiding people, we want the law to take its course. We want his freedom now. We want him granted bail while the trial continues. We are not preventing government from doing the just. At the end of it, a good trial will speak for itself,” he said.


ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzo has on several occasions been denied bail by the High Court after being held in connection with his alleged involvement and contribution to the 'Take Action Ghana' group which the State claims have devised a detailed plot to destabilize the county.

He has been charged with abetment to commit crime namely treason felony and is currently on remand in police custody.

Lawyers of the policeman have argued that their client according to the law could be granted bail pending trial.

In their arguments before the court, the lawyers led by Martin Kpebu though agreed that there has not been any unreasonable delay in the case, said their client was entitled to bail and will make himself available for investigations or trial if needed.

But the courts have always dismissed these applications for his release.

On one of the occasions, for instance, his bail application was denied after the High Court in Accra described it as premature due to the fact that investigations on the case were still ongoing.

The Judge, George Buadi also said the position of the applicant as a senior police officer can make him influence ongoing investigations.

Meanwhile, the family of the accused senior police officer have made claims that personnel of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service are scheming to plant false evidence on his electronic gadgets.

A brother to the suspect, Cephas Agordzo, alleged that the CID personnel used dubious means to seize the gadgets after the family resisted attempts by the investigators to conduct a search on the gadgets without the presence of witnesses.


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