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01.01.2020 Feature Article

USA: The Failed Society

USA: The Failed Society
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The European settlers reaching North America were oppressed in their own countries economically, politically, and religiously. They took the land to harvest a better future by force from the Native Indians killing them in their numbers. Before farming was possible Bison’s lost their lives across the vast lands close to extinction. With close contacts to Europe, they knew about the political development in their homelands especially the demand for universal human rights. Their fight for survival in hostile and unknown territory was entirely based on the need to survive on economic grounds. The spirit of free entrepreneurship and responsibility and chance for its own good fortune created a society that took cheap labour as slaves empowering their own status and push families up the wealth ladder. With focus and hard work, they used the sweat and blood of Native Indians and Slaves to be on the same level, eye to eye, with their European Ancestors and Siblings.

Soon they claimed to defend American Values like Capitalism, Democracy and Humans Rights as theirs deliberately forgetting these values were entirely born in Europe, while no "American value" was ever born on American soil. For long Americans were hesitant to get involved in the Colonialism policies of Europeans as well as to get involved in World War I fighting each other in fears controversial inner debates. While USA entered World War II when seeing the Holocaust at the horizon triggered by Pearl Harbor bombardment, WW I involvement was to restore a market to sell products and services to. The status of the "World Police" and richest country on earth was created. USA has given humanity an insight into what humans economically can achieve and exposed the positive and negative sides of human activity. The spirit of Americans is the belief through economic wealth human happiness and fulfilment can be created. This lacks the understanding that the spirit must speak in honesty and truth fired by love for human creation.

The great philosophers we know in our modern days that have taken up the torch of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and Homer were not born and did/do not work on the American continent but are very much alive in Europe. Validation of contributions to the development of humanity cannot be undertaken based on a generation rather along the line of several generations reflecting hundreds and thousands of years.

While the spirit and world of tradition, history and believes of the Whites is disconnected from the individual it is very much rooted in Blacks be it on the African continent or in the diaspora. The Whites consider the future as most important, Blacks, their ancestors and beauty of the African continent being content with what they got, at least before the arrival of the Colonial Masters, the Portuguese in the mid-14th hundreds. As humans emerges from Africa, in line with its humanity and the concept of life.

As Americans have failed themselves based on its original fire of a better human life and the reality created over the generations in various forms and in the light Europe is old, the momentum to create new ideas and societies to form a new concept of and for humanity has long time passed. Other Superpowers traditionally have no strength and interest to create a new concept of humanity and live it seeing economic and geopolitical power as more important than anything else.

Africans, as selfish people, with no sense for cooperation in business among themselves leading to create KANTANKA cars only suitable to showcase African mind but lack of serving the market and masses with the strong determination to overtake the Whites eventually one day in business, and subsequently in all aspect of humanity, will see themselves still under the feet of the Whites unless their mind is fundamentally transformed and changed. It is still the MONEY that makes the world go round!

It is this NOW moment in time when Africans can transform their spirit of history and reflection of really meaningful human values to stand tall above the Whites and lead them into a new concept of humanity, so much wanted and needed, once they understand their true value in the eyes of GOD and change their minds of being content with a suffering mentality. It was not for nothing that Ghana was the first African Sub-Saharan country to gain its independence after thousands of slaves had left the country for USA with Dr Kwame Nkrumah and his vision of an African Union that the seed was planted into Africa to bring back Africa to full glory.

The irony of history is that the coming masses, due to increased population, will push the Whites into their corners as an interesting mark in history - and not the power of intelligence; the circle of African dominion will close once again for hundreds of years to come.

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