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25.12.2019 Feature Article

Why Have Wisdom and Intelligence Evaded Ghanaians?

Why Have Wisdom and Intelligence Evaded Ghanaians?
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Fellow Ghanaians, would you please join me to cry our eyes out? Our wailing will not be for the loss of any dear one among us but for ourselves. Wisdom and intelligence have evaded us similarly as the fowl has been deprived of urine. For our lack of wisdom and intelligence as a people and a nation, I call on you to join me to weep for ourselves and our country.

The old and wise forefathers left us a warning proverbial legacy. They said, "You don't walk into danger when it is staring you in the face". However, Ghanaians as a nation of collective people have not made sense of the admonition to us by our then wise forefathers. We have by our despicable attitudes as proven by empirical observations and hard evidence, rubbished this credible warning to us by our forebears.

Before proceeding any further, let me define wisdom and intelligence as in the dictionary to later relate them to the subject matter of this write-up. Intelligence is the ability to learn, understand, and make judgments or have opinions that are based on reason. Wisdom is the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgments.

Learning, either formal or informal, but mostly formal, brings to the serious learner intelligence. And intelligence is knowledge. And acquisition of knowledge makes one more confident. Ghanaians are known to great learners, going for their PhDs. Those without higher academic qualifications are often looked down upon in the society. With our acquired intelligence, do we understand the problems confronting us as Ghanaians and a nation? If we did, have we been making any efforts based on tangible reasons to solving the problems?

Do our highly academically qualified Ghanaians understand that Ghanaians are faced with gradual extinction by the fact that our water bodies and fertile lands, forests, etc., are under serious attack by surface mining (galamsey) driven by foreigners, especially the Chinese? Should the devastation to our ecosystem continue at its current rate, by the next twenty to thirty years, Ghanaians will be dying from want of potable drinking water, fertile lands for farming and infection of all types of diseases. Ghanaians are presently dying in their unprecedented higher numbers that were foreign to the country in about forty years ago. Please, don't tell me it has come about as a result of increase in population coupled with poor sanitation. There is more to it than meets the eye so please find it out.

Are Ghanaians able to use heir knowledge to help attain the collective interests of the citizenry and the nation? Or, we use our knowledge to pursue our self-serving interests? You see yourself wiser to be using your knowledge to acquire immense wealth at the expense of your fellow Ghanaians and the nation. Good. Should the Chinese connive with other Ghanaians to export their contaminated foods, e.g. plastic fish, plastic rice and unwholesome canned foods into the country, will both the rich and the poor not buy them? Will your wisdom not serve you right and by extension serve other poor and illiterate Ghanaians if you had come out with a solution to help the country avoid consuming or importing such foods into the country?

Ghanaians grow wholesome rice but because we cannot apply our knowledge well, we prefer importing foreign rice that risks being of plastic base, contaminated chicken and fish and other food stuff that are hazardous to us when consumed. Are we wiser to crave for personal wealth at the expense of our collective health? This is exactly what Ghanaians are doing. They love money more than their own good health.

A president came, he left the nation's borders ajar. The Chinese with their secret agenda flocked into the nation. Most of them came in illegally and in no time, they had started ravaging havoc to the nation's ecology; spoiling our water bodies, farmlands and polluting the air. They even had the audacity to kill some of the Ghanaian citizens not only with impunity but also, with our law enforcement agents and top political appointees foolishly offering them protection. Another visionary president has come, and sees that if the devastation to our ecology was not stopped, Ghana will suffer irreparable damage in the near future. However, Ghanaians who cannot apply their knowledge, who cannot see far into the future to understand the danger awaiting us, have condemned the visionary leader into election defeat come election 2020. Oh, what a myopic bunch of people who are easily deceived and baited with lies and a few Cedis notes.

Why are Ghanaians by the attitudes, short-sightedness and desire for quick buck, signing their lives away? Why are you unknowingly, but willingly signing your death warrant, oh fellow Ghanaians? Why do you lack the ability to judgment between the bad and the good? Why have you allowed corruption to rob you of your intelligence if you have any? Why can't you use your bitter experience under the NDC regime of former President John Mahama to advise yourselves to never slip into that dangerous era anymore but you are allowing lies and the little hardships you are currently going through while a solid economic foundation is being laid, to compel you to slide into that era again? Do you have wisdom and if at all you have any, is it serving you right?

Should it take Togbe Avaklasu (former President J. J. Rawlings) to advise you to eat the healthier produced-in-Ghana rice? Don't you know that produced-in-Ghana rice is ten times better than the overly polished and perfumed rice that may be plastic-based that you import into the country?

Finally, are our corrupt judges who succumb to bribery or pleas by some influential persons to twist justice to the highest bidder intelligent and wise? No, they are not; because by their attitude, they are directly or indirectly encouraging the propagation of crimes in the country. And the committal of crimes with impunity that they are encouraging will come to bite them hard in future.

Thank you, Nene Togbe Avaklasu!
Ghanaians, please let us demonstrate it, if indeed we are intelligent and wise. Presently, I don't see many Ghanaians as intelligent and wise hence calling you to join me to weep for ourselves and our nation. I don't mean to insult your intelligence but simply stating the fact as it is prevalent on the ground. Rockson Adofo seems to be on the same wavelength with Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) to fighting corruption as well as educating Ghanaians to not allow themselves to be tricked into falling for the political lies constantly being spewed by the NDC to ruin your lives forever.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year come with wisdom and intelligence to you all.

Rockson Adofo
Wednesday, 25 December 2019

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