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17.12.2019 International

US Officer Candidates Show "Racist Hand Signal" Even In The Presence Of Donald Trump And Infront Of His Eyes

By Francis Tawiah
US Officer Candidates Show
LISTEN DEC 17, 2019

In front of Donald Trump's eyes, officer candidates show racist hand signals as the US President Donald Trump visits the football match. The racist symbol is also used by his supporters.

In the USA, it is a major sporting event when soldiers of the US Army play football against the Navy. But this year's match was a sensation because among the spectators was Donald Trump.

Cadets of the US Military Academy West Point made a hand signal of the racist "White Power movement" at a nationwide American football match. The famous military academy therefore announced an investigation against the officer candidates. According to a statement, the academy's goal is to train leaders with strong character who embody the values of the army.

The incident at an American football match between athletes of the Army and the Navy, which was also attended by US President Donald Trump, had caused a sensation in the USA at the weekend. At least two West Point cadets and a naval officer candidate showed with their hands a downward-facing "OK" sign, as it is now used by racist groups.

Sign also used by Trump supporters
They were good to see because they were standing behind a commentator from Entertainment and Sport Programming Network (ESPN) during the live broadcast. The Annapolis Naval Academy also announced an investigation.

Racist groups have in recent years appropriated the Okay hand signal, in which thumb and index finger form a circle and the other three fingers point upwards. They usually use it downwards and at hip height. Meanwhile it is also shown by supporters of President Trump among other things to provoke supporters of the opposition Democrats.

The US racist attacker of the city Christchurch, who killed 51 people in attacks on two mosques in March, showed it in court at his first appearance.

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)


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