The Nigerian Jonathan A., Aka Mr Cash Money‘s Scandal About His Fictitious Paternity

Article The Nigerian Jonathan A., Aka Mr Cash Moneys Scandal About His Fictitious Paternity

The fictitious father with many recognised children are a burden onthe social security system amounting to millions of Euros in Germany.Such cases are also known in Dortmund. Now the city is takingaction.

Johathan A. lives inNigeria, has a GERMAN PASSPORT and 24 RECOGNISED CHILDREN. Hereceived money for them and shows this on social media: Jonathan A.alias ‘Mr Cash Money’, the alleged fake father could have causedthe city of Dortmund alone a loss of 1.5 MILLION EUROS.

TheARD magazine Kontraste reported on this. The city of Dortmund has nowdrawn the first conclusions. The case raises many questions.

Falsefathers’ are levering out immigration law according toKontraste magazine.

What happened in the case of ‘MrCash Money?

The regulation isactually intended for the benefit of the children, anyone who iswilling to take care of a child can have themselves legallyrecognised as the father. Regardless of whether the child is your ownor whether you live with him or the mother.

However,this regulation is apparently being exploited:

The Nigerian origin,Jonathan A., who is now a German citizen and registered in Dortmund,has recognised 24 children whose mothers come from African countries.But Jonathan A. does not pay for the children, the German state hasto pay for them.

What are thecosts of ‘Mr Cash Money’?

Because Jonathan A. is German,the recognised children, their mothers and other relatives have the right to stay in Germany. In his case, there are 94 people. Accordingto the “Security cooperation Ruhr“ (SiKo Ruhr) an association ofauthorities in the Ruhr region. This man alone costs the socialsecurity system more than 1.5 MILLION EUROS IN A YEAR.

Policeinvestigations also revealed that Jonathan A. received state benefitstotalling over 22,500 EUROS in one month from the responsible familyfund. The ‘SiKo Ruhr’ has not yet been able to determine how muchhe received in total from state funds for data protection reasons.The “Sicherheitskooperation Ruhr“ is a project of the NRW stategovernment, in which Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) is alsoinvolved.

How is the cityof Dortmund responding?

Thomas Westphal (SPD), Lord Mayor ofDortmund has a number of people investigated. According to“Kontraste“ research, The Nigerian Jonathan A. is not the onlycase in Dortmund. On Thursday, the city was unable to provide anyinformation to WDR about the total number of cases. The number iscurrently being determined by the Audit Office on the instructions ofLord Mayor Thomas Westphal (SPD).

The relevant proceduresare now being reviewed once again, a press officer for the city toldWDR TV/Radio. Until then, paternity certifications that also affectimmigration law issues are suspended.

Not all paternitycertificates applied for in Dortmund are affected by this regulation.According to the city, it only concerns cases under Section 1597a BGB(2). This section of the German Civil Code regulates the prohibitionof abusive recognition of paternity in cases relating to immigrationlaw.

Francis Tawiah(Duisburg - Germany)