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28.11.2019 Education

Beneficiaries of Moroccan Govt Scholarship Program Call on Moroccan Ambassador

By Adu Koranteng - The New Crusading GUIDE
Ambassador Imane Ouaadil Right , addressing the Gathering with him is  Peter Anaman, President of the Ghana Morocco Old students Association
Ambassador Imane Ouaadil Right , addressing the Gathering with him is  Peter Anaman, President of the Ghana Morocco Old students Association

The Moroccan ambassador to Ghana, her Excellency Imane Ouaadil, has advised Ghanaians students who have been selected to study under the government of Morocco Scholarship scheme to study hard and attain high marks during their studies to make the two countries proud.

She made this statement at a soiree organized by the Embassy for the 32 Ghanaian students who were selected in the 2019 Government of Morocco Scholarship program. The students were treated to a lunch of varieties of rice, Chicken, soft drinks and other sumptuous diets

Addressing the beneficiary students, Ambassador Imane Ouaadil Said “It gives me great pleasure to welcome this year's Morocco Scholarship students to my office. This year 32 Ghanaian students were awarded the Moroccan scholarships. They will pursue their studies in a range of fields such as engineering, marketing, economics, medicine, business administration, etc. and go after their dreams of higher learning.

“I would like to take this occasion to extend our warm congratulations to you and wish you every success in your studies and life in Morocco. Morocco and Ghana enjoy a long history of friendship and cooperation. Since the establishment of our diplomatic relations, Morocco has attached great importance to education cooperation with Ghana, and that has become a very important part of our relations. To our great joy, the academic year 2019- 2020 is a good year for the education cooperation between our two countries. Around eighty Ghanaian students are going to enroll in Moroccan universities and specialized high education institutes”.

“Under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, and following his instructions which has placed Africa at the heart of Morocco’s diplomacy, the Kingdom is now the top African provider of study grants targeting African students. Indeed, through The Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI), Morocco has trained over 25,000 graduates from 47 African countries including Ghana. This cooperation scheme is meant to be a proactive, youth-oriented policy which can channel energy for the achievement of our continent’s development”.

“After His Majesty s Royal visit to Ghana, the number of Moroccan scholarships granted to Ghanaian students was increased to 70 in 2017/18 academic year, as compared to the 45 scholarships awarded for the 2016-2017 academic year; and only 30 in the previous years.

I would here like to acknowledge the presence among us of the Ghana Morocco Old Students Association (GHAMOSA), an association made up of Ghanaian graduates from various Moroccan institutions whose efforts in favor of promoting closer ties between our two countries are highly commendable”.

I also want to express my sincere thanks to the Ministry of Education and the Scholarship Secretariat for their valuable support.

You're about to travel to Morocco, turning a new chapter in your life. I'm sure, for most of you, this is the first time to go to Morocco. Probably, you are very curious about it. I should say, Morocco is an ancient African country with long history and splendid culture. It is also a modern country which has over the past 20 years, developed very fast.

You are also the talents and future of Ghana. I hope you will study hard and come back to contribute to Ghana’s prosperity and development and to the enhancement of friendship and mutual understanding between our two countries.

I wish you all academic success and a pleasant and productive life in Morocco.

In his address, President of the Ghana Morocco Old students Association, Peter Panyin Anaman,

Expressed sincere thanks to the Moroccan government for the scholarship opportunity offered to many African students including Ghanaians.

He also commended the Registrar of the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, Kingsley Agyemang for this good work.

My highest appreciation also goes to Her Excellency Ambassador Imane, Morocco Ambassador to Ghana and the embassy. I commend her for her dedication and love for Ghana and applaud the entire embassy for this excellent arrangement.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all awardees for earning themselves the scholarships to further their education in the Kingdom of Morocco. I am delighted that you chose Morocco over other countries.

“This year is exactly 17 years that the Ghana Morocco scholarship for under graduates started. Today, Morocco through this scholarship program championed by the AMCI has trained over 500 Ghanaians, among us, we have Entrepreneurs, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Bankers, Lawyers, Diplomats, Lecturers, Engineers, award winning Architects, officers in the Ghana Armed forces, just to mention a few. This is a clear indication that, the Kingdom of Morocco is contributing massively in the human resource development of our dear country”.

“As beneficiaries of the Ghana Morocco scholarship program, we would like to use this opportunity to laud both the government of Ghana and the government of Morocco for imparting positively in our lives. The contribution made by the Morocco government regarding the Human resource development of Ghana cannot be over emphasized, he stated.

According to Mr Anaman, though the Kingdom of Morocco is doing its best it would be unable to do it alone and urged other African countries to try and follow the good steps of Morocco by offering scholarships to other African students. “Let us educate Africans in Africa to build Africa for Africans”.

“I will therefore humbly call on My President, His Excellency President Nana Akufo Addo and the government of Ghana to also offer scholarships to students from other African countries the same way we enjoy scholarships from other countries. This is not beyond us as a nation, this is our responsibility as African nation. This will not only help us to build quality human resource for our beloved continent but most importantly it will help Africans to understand each other and foster African unity. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure regional integration and African unity”.

“Before I had the scholarship to further my education in Morocco, I was living here in Ghana as an Akan and Pentecostal, I left Ghana with other Ghanaians to Morocco as a Ghanaian and a Christian, I lived the 1st one year i.e my French year in Morocco as an Anglophone, then lived the rest of my life in Morocco as a sub-Saharan African and left Morocco as an African’’. Today I see every African as a brother and sister. I don’t see any African as a stranger no matter where we meet and I don’t feel like a stranger on any African soil after my studies in Morocco. This is because I have friends from almost all the African countries that I meet during my stay in Morocco”.

“To the beneficiaries of this year's scholarship, as we say good bye and wish you well. We would also urge you to take your studies serious. As Anglophones, you will definitely face some difficulties in your studies and your stay in Morocco for the first few months but we serve as a reference of encouragement to you. We made it, so you can also make it and even do better than us”.

“Yesterday, I had a chat with the President of the Ghanaian students Association in Morocco and he assured me that none of you will fail your French exams because they have put some measures in place to help you go through your French year. Last two month I was in Morocco and I met the Ghana Ambassador to Morocco and he shared with me the preparations they are doing to receive you. I equally met the Director of AMCI and some staff and they all praised the Ghanaian students in Morocco and assured me that they will support you whenever the need arise. Now it is up to you to work hard, cooperate with the Embassy and your student’s leadership in Morocco to enjoy your stay in Morocco. I wish you all the best!”