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25.11.2019 Feature Article

Don`t be wise !

Don`t be wise !

Ghana`s current President, Nana Akuffo-Addo, like his predecessors, enjoyed the glamour offered to him on his last official visit to Abu Dhabi and Germany a week ago. Him being old and small were kindly overlooked by his hosts that certainly were not aware of his general spirit relating to the misery of Ghana today. Back home he enjoys on his country tours Toyota V8 cars accompanying him in abondance while of the 275 ordered Ambulances 96 have arrived but have been parked at the State House for display of a corrupt mind in Ghana; and ordinary Ghanaians die unable to reach the nearest hospital on time.

The richest man in human history was an African, Mensah Musa, once residing in Timbuktu close to the great Mosque in today Mali. In his time he was ruling over the great Mali Empire covering vast area of West-Africa. When he had returned from his pilgrimage to Mecca not only Gold was in his possession more so he brought Poest, Intellectuals and Scientist from foreign countries with him to serve in his Empire to make it prosper. In fact, he cherished them more than Gold, only saw Gold as a means to feed his people and make his Empire prosper in the Sahara rim and beyond. Mali Empire under their wise and strong ruler with a clear vision beyond himself and his personal desires formed an Empire so wise and full of humanity even Kings of Egypt asked for doctors from his Empire to come for medical treatment. In books, carefully kept in Bamako, capital of Mali today, the evidence of a great Empire is still visible for anyone to study.

Once his successors on the throne engaged in internal fights over power and status, the Mali Empire collapsed and was replaced by the Songhay Empire under the wise and strong leader Sonni Ali The Great (1464-1492), once again a wise man focused on uplifting his people by knowledge thought of and tought by Poets, Thinkers, Intellectuals and Scientists; even he respected them more than the power he was holding. The moment his successors started to ignore the creative power of thinking and no longer embraced people from various walks of life to voice their ideas, that Empire subsequently collapsed into history books.

Katharina The Great from Russia, a born Royal German, implemented the Book of Law into Russia and expanded its physical size to Russia of today. Friedrich The Great, the absolute Monarch of Prussia, never married, a lover of fine arts and a talented musician himself surrounded by his dogs, tried to enjoy the company of French Philosopher Voltaire as much as he could. Fürst Ernst von Hostein-Schaumburg and Graf Whilhelm zu Schaumburg-Lippe equally understood the power there is in Arts and Thinking, contribution from various people from near and far.

Black African Leaders of today rubb shoulders with the economic elite of their countries and foreign companies and governments only supported by Pastors that should keep them in power and protect their spirit. Money and spiritual protection of it - their wealth and political protection from possible prosecution - takes center stage in their personal and political life. Even Paul Kagame, great Leader of Rwanda, has not recognized the power of Arts and Thinking by taking the much-needed initiatives as much as he promotes economic growth.

NB: Christoph Retzlaff, German Ambassador to Ghana, Twitter feed @GermanAmbGhana, 21.11.2019, 8:25 pm announced German investor planning in Eastern Region, in Suhum, to set up a Cocoa Processing plant and another one investing in DTRT textile factory Accra to create 1500 new jobs after having met the same day with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. When my partners and investors were offered in March 2013 from former GHANA Interpol Director Mr. Tabrisi bodyguard protection as we had asked to assist us to get back our stolen USD 25 Mio. by Mr. Okoro, Transport Manager at Castle Osu, and people in the NDC top rank including the Chief of Staff, we were left all alone. Even I had sent an email to the German Embassy in Accra with all our papers to substantiate our case, no official from the Embassy contacted us to investigate independently the matter and assist a German National that`s life was in danger. Note as usual: when wanting to invest in Ghana, like all African country, without your own Government backing you and a signed credit insurance policy never dear to venture in any African country. This black mentality of Whites can kill their own Nationals economically and physically easier.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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