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CPP UK Commends Govt

By CPP UK & Ireland

The Convention Peoples Party (CPP) UK & Ireland Commends the Government of Ghana, the Ministry of Health and Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. The Convention People's Party would like to express its appreciation for the initiative of DWIB (Danny Whyte and Ivor Burford) Leukaemia Trust (Ghana), being launched on Saturday March 11th 2006, to ultimately develop the capacity within Ghana to effectively diagnose, treat and heal Leukaemia patients on Ghanaian soil.

The overall objective of this national initiative with its roots in the voluntary sector to create the Ghana Bone Marrow Donor Register and a Leukaemia Treatment and Transplant Centre, as a national asset, the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa, is in line with the dream of Dr. Nkrumah and Nkrumaism today.

We commend the strategic support of £50,000 of the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Health and the Chief Executive of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, for the creation of The Ghana Bone Marrow Donor Register. We urge them to further support the Leukaemia Treatment and Transplant Centre.

We call on the Government of Ghana to take immediate steps to ban within Ghana world-wide banned chemicals such as lindane which are still in use in Ghana because they cause leukaemia.

The CPP urges all to give generously to this noble initiative because it is the majority of our people who still live on less than $2 a day that should ultimately benefit from this initiative.

Signed: Nii Armah Akomfrah, Chairman, CPP UK & Ireland. [email protected]