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22.08.2019 Regional News

Walewale To Get A Refurbished Library - MP Assures Residents

By Issah Toha Shamsoo
Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi
LISTEN AUG 22, 2019

It will be recalled that an open letter was written to Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi who doubles as the MP for Walewale constituency and also the Deputy Minister of Agriculture incharge of annual crops on the 21st of August, 2019.

The said letter was written by myself a constituent of the same Constituency drawing the honourable MP's attention to issues of concern. I raised two principal issues in the letter, firstly, the deplorable state of Walewale municipal library complex and secondly, the abandoned Astro Turf in Walewale.

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My Meeting With Hon. MP

Incidentally, I met my MP Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi at Parliament citizens engagement dialogue in Tamale organised by African Center for Parliamentary Affairs in collaboration with Norsaac at John Agama conference hall, GILLBT just few hours after the said letter was published online. This citizens engagement dialogue was a forum for citizens to interact with their MP's. I thought this was an ideal platform and the right time for me to relay my letter directly to my honourable MP since we were discussing education of which easy access to library services is a key component.

Before I go into the details of my interaction with my MP at the said occasion, I must reiterate that, my meeting with him was coincidental. I never knew he was coming for the dialogue. I got the opportunity to attend the dialogue simply because I was chosen as a rep for Northern Youth Parliament. I went in company with other honourable members from the house.

When it was time for open forum session, I gladly raised my hand severally with the hope that given the opportunity, I will let my MP know I wrote him letter which I would humbly wish to get his response.

After several attempts, I couldn't catch the attention of the MC so I wasn't picked. I wasn't discouraged anyway because I was determined to speak to my member of parliament. Luckily, in my next attempt I was given the chance to speak in the presence of my MP and other members of the education select committee of Ghana's Parliament as well all participants of the conference.

This is a moment I will not forget, I rose from my sit filled with that vigor and enthusiasm to speak truth to power and with the firm belief that things will change for the better.

After extending greetings and acknowledging protocols of the house. I said, "I'm very glad to be given this singular opportunity because due to the fact that I couldn't meet my MP and speak to him face to face like I'm doing right now, I had to write him a letter. My MP is Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi MP for Walewale."

Inside the hall was very quiet and I could feel every was attentive. At that point, I began to encourage myself to stay focused despite the tension that was building up in me. I calmed myself down and continued with my speech.

I told him and everyone who was in the John Agama conference hall at that time, how deplorable and poor Walewale library complex is and how it needs immediate attention at in order serve the reading needs of Walewale and it's environs.

MP's Response And Assurances

After my submission, Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi was given the some time to respond to my claims. In his initial comments, he alluded to the fact that the library was in tatters because he visited the library on some few occasions and it needed to be addressed immediately. He said that, the library complex is currently managed by the municipal assembly but it seems the assembly is not paying much attention to its progress.

He informed myself and everyone that an agency under the ministry of communications have expressed interest in renovating the library to include an ICT center. He expressed hope that talks will be finalized as soon as possible so that work can begin in earnest to bring back the library complex to it's former glory.

He ended his response urging myself and colleague young people to imbibe in ourselves the attitude of reading because its benefits.

Personally, I was not satisfied and convinced with his response because I believe that something can be done right now to help the situation as we wait for the finalisation of the agreement with that agency. For example, textbooks and shelves can be acquired for use in the library for the meantime.

To conclude, I will therefore plead on Hon. MP and other stakeholders to make education a priority particularly reading. And also look seriously into the issues I pointed out in my yesterday letter to him.

Written by;

Issah Toha Shamsoo

( [email protected] ) - 0502979063