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06.08.2019 Feature Article

Should We Find More Transparent Methods To Restructure The ECG For The Common Good?

Should We Find More Transparent Methods To Restructure The ECG For The Common Good?
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How can Ghanaian society benefit from the unfortunate Power Distribution Services (PDS) scandal? The question is: If indeed the technology exists to prevent theft of electricity, today, why should we rush to 'privatise' the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), just to end up enriching a few powerful and influential rent-seekers - when it is Ghanaian society as a whole that ought to benefit from a more efficient ECG?

Or, is it the case that our nation's ruling élites have been so absorbed with obtaining awoof-sika from the U.S. Millenium Challenge Corporation's power compact initiative, to the extent that they are simply unwilling to think creatively, to find equally effective ways to transform the ECG into a profitable and efficient power-sector entity?

Furthermore, why has it still not occurred to the geniuses who govern our nation that we should break up the flatfooted behemoth known as the ECG, into privatised regional electricity distributors, for example? Do we not have the success of Enclave Power Company - Ghana's only private power distributor - to inspire us? Haaba.

As a people, we must find an imaginative way to marry the undoubted entrepreneurial accumen that abounds in Ghana's business world, with the many pension industry entities awash with long-term funds, whose managers seek future reliable income streams, such as that which could be offered by the restructured 16-regional ECGs, which if we think creatively enough, could also become Ghana's leading rooftop solar plus battery storage off-grid renewable power companies. Let us take advantage of the PDS scandal - by pausing awhile to find more transparent methods to restructure the ECG for the common good.

Kofi Thompson
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