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06.07.2019 Europe

Too Loud "Rooster crow", Bizarre Process: Rooster/Cock In Court in France

The troublesome Rooster aka Gockel Maurice
JUL 6, 2019 EUROPE
The troublesome Rooster aka Gockel Maurice" in Court for causing sleepless holidays

Rooster/Cock on a flower meadow

The plaintiffs have a holiday home on the island of Oléron on the French Atlantic coast, which is known for its tranquility and the long sandy beaches.

Because it regularly tears a pensioner couple awake with its morning greeting, the Cock aka Gockel Maurice has to answer the court in France. However, it did not come to the trial, because of health problems.

A rooster, which supposedly crowed too loud, busy a court in France. The process around Gockel Maurice started on Thursday with great media attention in Rochefort in western France. The cock itself stayed away from the procedure - it suffers according to his owner under "stress" and acute hoarseness.

A pensioner couple accuses the Rooster aka Maurice, to make it with his early morning greeting regularly to case sleeplessness. "They just want peace and quiet," says their lawyer. Maurice is locked up at night. "After all, it's a housing estate, we're not in the country." The plaintiffs have a holiday home on the island of Oléron on the French Atlantic coast, which is known for its tranquility and long sandy beaches.

The owner of Rooster Maurice, Corine Fesseau, who was in the court to face the charges, has been living on the island for 35 years and has had a small chicken farm for several years. Her fourth chicken, however, turned out to be a true-to-life rooster, also known as Maurice, crows very loud every morning from 6.30 clock as befits. The chicken coop is located a few meters from the plaintiff's bedroom. An out of court settlement between the owner of (Rooster Maurice) and the pensioner couple failed.

The process around the Gockel moves all over France, because the Gallic cock is a heraldic animal of the country. It also symbolizes the conflict between rural dwellers and newcomers. The mayor of a the French village not far from Rochefort has announced an initiative to protect rural sounds as a "national heritage".

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)

Francis Tawiah
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