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01.07.2019 General News

Wassa Amenfi Central:d.c.e.cut Sod For Construction Of School Building.

Hon PH Amponteng breaks ground for construction to commenceHon PH Amponteng breaks ground for construction to commence
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Hon. Patrick Hockson Amponteng, the District Chief Executive for Amenfi Central on Friday,28th June 2019 with a delegation from the District Assembly and representatives of Manso Amenfi Zongo community visited a site for the construction of ultra-modern English and Arabic school at Manso Amenfi.

Hon. Patrick Hockson Amponteng in his address hammered on the importance of education and it's positive effects on the country and the individuals as a whole.

He further stated however that, it is the utmost priority of the N.P.P.Government to ensure that children of school going age are in school hence the commitment to Educational Infrastructural Development and urged all parents to enroll their children.

Hon. Abdul Razak Sulemana who is the Government appointee at the Assembly and educationist also pledged his support for the construction of the aforementioned project.

He added that children from the Zongo communities were not attending school as it were but things have changed making lots of prominent personalities from the Zongo communities occupying vital positions in the country because of education and moreover sited the vice president Dr.Bawumia as a role model.

Mr.Abu Rasheed(Nasara Coordinator)on behalf of the English and Arabic school advocated for teaching and learning materials to be supplied to the existing school when necessary and to help liaise with the Education Directorate to furnish the school with qualified teachers.

Chairman Daddy Boat appreciated the efforts of the Hon.D.C.E.for considering the people of the Moslem community for such a project.

He entreated the District Chief Executive to provide the contractor with the necessary support to facilitate the construction of the project within time.

DCE for Wassa Amenfi Central was accompanied by officials from the Works Department, Some Constituency Executives, Hon. Abdul Razak Sulemana, Chief Imam, Mr.Abu Rasheed(Nasara Coordinator), Chairman Daddy Boat and others.

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