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28.01.2006 General News

President Kufuor calls on the Security Services to ensure eternal vigilance


Accra, Jan. 28, GNA - President John Agyekum Kufuor, has called on the Security Services to let eternal vigilance remain their hallmark at all times as this was critical to the protection of the country's Constitution. Running the nation's business would be at risk and its democracy endangered, if they should slacken, he said, when he joined the VIP Protection Unit (VIPPU) at its annual WASSA held at the Castle Gardens.

Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama, Mr Kwadwo Mpiani, the Chief of Staff, Paapa Owusu Ankomah, Interior Minister, Lieutenant General Joseph Boakye Danquah, Chief of Defence Staff and Mr Patrick Achampong, Inspector General of Police (IGP) were among those present. President Kufuor said given where "we are coming from, things could have gone worse but we are making progress". It is therefore imperative that the security services continue to be loyal, steadfast, disciplined and support the Government. He acknowledged that the VIPPU's task of protecting the Presidency was very demanding and challenging, but said, personnel selected to the Unit should appreciate it as an honour. They certainly would require constant training and skill acquisition and the Presidency would respond appropriately to training and logistical support requests made by their Commanders.

President Kufuor told them that the Government was doing everything to ensure the comfort of the Security personnel, adding that, they should trust it to prove equal to this goal. Lieutenant Colonel Emmanuel Akohene Mensah, the President's Security Co-ordinator, said the occasion offered an opportunity for stocktaking and the fostering of esprit de corps among personnel of the VIPPU. He said, "2005 was challenging but through their resilience they proved equal. The task is going to get tougher and that they would have to refocus and brace themselves to work harder." He said their resolve, posture, loyalty, sense of professionalism and dedication should never be compromised and expressed their preparedness to do everything to protect the country's democracy even at the peril of their lives.