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24.06.2019 Editorial

Ofosu Ampofo’s Volte Face: Sincere Or Ruse?

By Daily Guide
Samuel Ofosu Ampofo

After their initial belligerent attitude towards the Electoral Commission (EC), the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is emitting varying signals. Describing the new approach as a détente would not be out of place at all.

Besides the series of media attacks on the Chairperson of the EC, Jean Mensa, the man who led the hostile charge even incited his party supporters against the lady. The embattled National Chairman of the party, Ofosu-Ampofo, in his latest public discourse, dangled an olive branch; no longer the man who said so many uncharitable things about the EC Chairperson and the clergy. It is a political wonder which many would rather is taken with a grain of salt.

He reportedly said the EC is an ally of their party which is a truism. After all, the commission's important publics are the political parties whose contest to lead the country it manages every four years, among other polls.

To therefore regard the EC whose chairperson should be constantly berated as Ofosu-Ampofo said when he engaged his party communicators is a regrettable and reprehensible utterance.

Many would have betted that such a volte face can never take place. Here we are anyway confronted with a seeming decent remark light years away from the attack on the lady whose only fault is that she accepted an appointment to serve her motherland.

If his newfound love with decency is real and not a ruse let him educate his party so that their unbecoming attitude towards things which are good and in the national interest will witness a positive alteration.

Ofosu-Ampofo could be executing a PR project a rebrand if you like. Morphing from the man with an obsession for those things which earned him charges at the CID headquarters and a subsequent      arraignment in court is an important assignment. He must, however, apply the appropriate module because many don't trust him. If this module is intended for the EC aspect of his dirty operations strategy what about the clergy?

We have observed that he has suddenly given everything to God whom he expects to deliver him from the repercussions of his iniquities committed on the political arena.

To incite party foot soldiers against the clergy as captured on the infamous leaked audio is sacrilegious and therefore requires a confession through a clergyman of an exalted standing. It could be the man of God he specifically asked his party people to consistently attack.

Rebranding a completely battered image of a man of his standing would demand such theatricals as he is choreographing on the political terrain. They can at best present us with derision and eyebrow raising headlines not enough to erase the already stamped impression.

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