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07.06.2019 Opinion

Mr President Spoke The Truth

By Sah Collins
Mr President Spoke The Truth

I find it ridiculous and preposterous when I heard some section of Ghanaians lambasting the president for the comments he made in Canada when he was c9ntributing to female empowerment in Ghana.

Why are people hypocrite and always because of cheap political scores say anything that comes out of their shit mouth and minds?

What did H.E Nana Addo say that was out of coverage area. What he said was the truth and absolute truth, without mincing. Most of the so called women activists do mouth or lip service without any proper actions to back their words.

They galavant around from radio and TV station to station preaching the female gospel without action. Most of them even do not believe what they preach.

H.E Nana Addo said more must be done to improve female inclusion on the decision making table and women must be dynamic enough to stay relevant. They need to stand against favouritism which favours them and say they want fair and equal grounds for competition but not be treated specially as if they are weaklings.

He as a president has done more than any past president in women empowerment in politics.

Ghanaians must be bold and candid in their opinions and not because some white people heckled him because of the truth so we should lambast him for the sake of politics. Hypocrites!!!!!

Mr. President, I stand by you and what you said and believe must be done. I am for women but it should be done not at the expense of men. Some men too feel endangered and that must be critically looked at.

God bless my homeland Ghana
God bless Nana Addo
( Sah Collins)
Member CTI)

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