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07.06.2019 Critics

Minority In Parliament Confirms NDC Incompetence Again

By Abraham Mensah Acquah
Author: Abraham Mensah AcquahAuthor: Abraham Mensah Acquah
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It is good to speak but better to keep quiet if you do not have anything constructive to say. After the minority fall out in their rebuttal series where Ato Forson compared provisional data to certified data of which Mr. Kweku Baakoh exposed him and the confirmation of John Mahama's the incompetence by Hon. Fifi Kwetey who said John Mahama took over a stronger economy, mismanaged it and sent us to IMF. I thought minority would check, recheck their facts before visiting Ghanaians again yet reading and researching have eluded these incompetent minority members.

For the records, Ghana's total public debt stock stood at Ghc122 billion at the end of 2016 representing 72.5% of GDP but not *Ghc118 billion* the minority is claiming (Source: page 5& 6 Annual Debt Management Report, 2016).

I wonder how a debt stock of Ghc118 billion translate into 72.5% of GDP in 2016 if not minority incompetent calculations.

Minority should let Ghanaians know that between August 2012 and December 2016 *John Mahama alone borrowed Ghc96 billion* yet economic growth decelerated to 3.7% at the end of 2016 and debt to GDP ratio rose to 72.5% indicating the wrong investments NDC made with the borrowed monies further actualizing NDC incompetence. Even John Mahama couldn't pay Ghc58 per student per term under his so-called progressive free SHS policy and all unprecedented infrastructure have vanished within two years of Akufo Addo government. Indeed John Mahama and NDC destroyed Ghana.

Nana Addo government has made quality investments with the borrowed funds which have led to increase in economic growth.

Minority should know that Akufo Addo government has:

  1. Paid Ghc1.2 billion NHIS debt;
  2. Paid Ghc10 billion to contractors;
  3. Ghc 3 billion energy sector debt;
  4. Spent Ghc13 billion banking sector reforms which they failed to do;
  5. Paid teachers areas which NDC failed to pay etc

At the same time, Akufo Addo government is implementing

  1. Free S.H.S;
  2. Planting for food and jobs;
  3. Planting for export and rural development;
  4. One village one dam
  5. Sanitation and water projects in every constituency
  6. One constituency one ambulance;
  7. NABCO
  8. Massive recruitments;
  9. Cocoa replanting program etc.

The quality of investments made would be confirmed by the GDP growth rate.

*NPP is not perfect but far better than NDC. Say no to incompetence*

*Abraham Mensah Acquah*

*Polling Station Executive*

*Ahanta West Constituency*

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