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30.05.2019 Letter

A Letter To The Auditor General

......The Recent Audit Assignment In UEW
By Dawda Eric
 Mr Daniel Yaw Domelevo
MAY 30, 2019 LETTER

Dear Mr Daniel Yaw Domelevo...
I hope this letter finds you well wherever you are. The content of the write up seeks to draw your attention to something very important. You would recall that, On 11th March, 2019, my self and Eric Dumenu Akatsi petitioned your office for an investigation to be conducted in respect of certain questionable item of expenditure sanctioned by the current UEW Vice-Chancellor.

Before I do proceed with the substantive matter, let me use this humble opportunity to commend you for deploying your team of Auditors to UEW main campus immediately our petition got to your high office. Indeed and infact,the fight against corruption which is an onerous responsibility fortified in Article 41(f) of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana has for the time past suffered serious setbacks as a result of lack of commitment and cooperation on the part of public institutions mandated by law to work assiduously in fighting this "mass murder" have left the state down.

Sir, your timeous appointment into that office has indeed awakened the spirit of conscientious activism in this country. We have had alot of AUDG's in that office some years ago but your kind has never been felt. The outstanding niche you have carved for yourself as a man full of actions got some of us encouraged and enthused to activate section 1 of the Whistle Blowers Act, 2006 (Act 720) in a form of a petition to your office.

Sir, the petition we sent to your office had some appendices which inter-alia included bank statements and tabulated cheque numbers as evidence of those withdrawals we considered as inappropriate, inimical, offensive and injurious to the good people of Ghana who are the largest stakeholders in the management of the affairs of the university. The appendices also included respective banks of the university where some amount of monies were withdrawn for satisfying the item of expenditure considered as create, loot and share by the current UEW VC and his surrogate(s).

It is quite curious that the school account at Ghana commercial bank which suffered alot of these questionable withdrawals has not been audited by your team of auditors according to credible intelligence we have picked from main campus. It certainly cannot be an oversight on the part of your men who went there to do a professional job and should have been guided as such.

I have been informed that there is also an ongoing special Audit in the various campuses of UEW directed by your office as a result of the allegation of financial impropriety in main campus of UEW. It is a step in the right direction and I know that, if adequate professionalism on the part of your men is attached to the exercise, this country would be in shock after the Audit engagement.

I am by this letter drawing your attention to the GCB bank account which serves as a casket where the cadaver is buried because that is where the rot is. It is a pandora's box. It ought to be audited.

Thank You
Dawda Eric (Equity)
UEW Alumnus/Petitioner
30th May,2019
[email protected]

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