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29.05.2019 Opinion

Killer Ghosts


I may sound over trumpeting alarm or at least being overly worried but truth be told, we are sitting on a time bomb of a major compromise in our national security system which may either throw this nation into mourning the assassination of a state figure very soon or walking in the ashes of war.

Severally has the LORD spoken not just to me but many zealous youth charging them to pray for certain state personalities.

Now, let me ask you these few questions:
Where are those who hired assassins to murder the former president? These people were not arrested or jailed. Let us not walk in the delusion that they are born-again!

We were in this country when several groups went destroying public properties and vandalising police and Court properties, as well as injuring officers of the law with impunity.

And today, much talk, less work is going into practically eliminating the menace of vigilantism- giving these people the truce they need just to metamorphorsize into Jihadists in 2020.

I will not take credit for raising the alarm of how nationally unsecured we are by ignoring some revelations God gave me: In one of them, there was a house within a residential zone which seemed abandoned. Behind closed doors, people were busy manufacturing guns.

Ghana shall not be turned into a war zone in Jesus' name. Yet I pray all and sundry, especially those mandated and paid to watch them in and off border parameters to curb any uprising of insecurity to act boldly. Action must be taken now so that tomorrow we do not awake to the news of killings by these ghosts.

Finally, let us all watch with vigilance in June and subsequent months against re-insurgence of kidnapping and human sacrifice.

Pray the LORD secures you and your family through such times as are coming.


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