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27.05.2019 Rejoinder

RE: Angry Basake Youth Wipe Off Armah Buah's Name From Toilet

By Staff Writer

The office of the Ellembelle member of parliament (Hon Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah) attention has been drawn to above news publication. It was clear in the said publication that some irate youth in Basake a community in the Ellembelle district have wiped out the inscription indicating a toilet facility provided by the MP with the reason that the said toilet was not built with any of his statutory funds.

To them, the facility was funded by both the MP's and district Assembly Common Fund and in view of that, they see no reason why the name of the MP should be written on it.

The MP undertakes special projects on his own initiatives. These projects could be funded by corporate entities, donors, individuals etc. One of these special projects is the 16 water closet toilet facility that Basake benefited, it was neither funded through the MP's Common Fund nor Ellembelle District Assembly Common Fund.

They are termed special projects because the office of the MP writes proposals with covery letters from the MP and are sent to companies and other supporting agencies for help. Indeed that is a mark of an industrious and a visionary leader we all need to commend.

Below are some of these projects and beneficiary communities:

1. Menzezor-- 16 seater water closet toilet facility

2. Azuleloanu-- 16seater water closet toilet facility

3. Anochie-- 16 seater water closet toilet facility

4. Ankobra 3 Unit classroom block yet to be completed and of course the one at the center of the controversy, lBasake

toilet facility.
The Assembly's only role in this special projects has to do purely with procurement procedures, monitoring and supervision but not funding.

Basake has had its fair share of physical and capital projects under auspices of Hon Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah and the NDC. Mentioned could be made of

1. Extension of Electricity
2. Basake township road with proper drainage system. 3. CHPS Centre to provide good and quality healthcare for Basake, Awiebo and surrounding communities.

4. Mono and Dual desks for basic school.
The community has also benefited over 250 bags of cement from the MP for other developmental projects. In all these projects those recalcitrant youth saw no reasons to call on their leadership to enquire where the funding came from. It is sad to also note that during the construction of the townroad gravels and other materials for the project were stolen by some personalities in the community.

The principle of he who alleges must prove is what the office is using to challenge these youth to provide "HARDCORE" evidence to substantiate their allegations.

Their barbaric, uncultured, uncivilized and inhuman act can lead to chaos and divisive tendencies and must be eschewed. But for the intervention of a well nurtured, civilized and patriotic MP( Hon Kofi Buah),Ellembelle NDC members would have advised themselves.

Basake as an NPP stronghold cannot boast of any physical and capital intensive projects not even a HENCOOP from a party they have enslaved and subjected their loyalty to.

The office and Ellembelle NDC is now challenging Basake to list all projects benefited from NPP within this 3 years.

The MP urged Ellembelle NDC and specifically Basake to disregard the one-sided, stomach and unethical publication from a writer of no repute to posterity.

Long live NDC
Long live Nzema
Abizi Morkeh
Source: Office of Ellembelle Member of Parliament

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