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17.05.2019 Europe

May Wants To Reveal Her Resignation Plan At The Beginning Of June

Theresa May: The British Prime Minister 
Theresa May: The British Prime Minister

One last vote, then their departure should begin. Theresa May wants to announce her departure from the political scene at the beginning of June, according to a media report. All information in the news blog.

May wants to give away her resignation plan in early June

According to a media report, British Prime Minister Theresa May soon wants to announce a road map for her resignation. Sky News reports that this will happen in the first week of June, when a law to implement the withdrawal agreement with the EU is to come to a vote. Previously, she failed three times in parliament with the agreement she negotiated.

May is said to have been urged in a conversation on Thursday by greats from her Conservative Party, to provide clarity on this issue. Her colleague Graham Brady told the broadcaster that there would be a meeting with May and leading Tories at the beginning of June, when a "schedule for a new party leader's election" would be decided.

Johnson wants to be May's successor
This is not surprising: Britain's former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson will be according to media reports Prime Minister. Asked by the BBC if he would apply for the post following a retreat from incumbent Theresa May, the Brexit hardliner said, "Of course I'll aim for that." Johnson has long been said to have ambitions for the post.

May had announced that she would resign in the British House of Commons after her Brexit agreement with the European Union was passed. In May, May wants the MPs to vote on a law implementing the withdrawal agreement. Previously, she failed three times in parliament with the agreement she negotiated. The Prime Minister is currently negotiating with Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn about a possible compromise.

May plans new House of Commons vote in early June British Prime Minister Theresa May wants the House of Commons to vote again in early June on the Brexit Treaty. May told opposition Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn about the plan in a talk on Tuesday, a spokesperson for the head of the government said. The vote will be held during the week from 3 June.

May is currently negotiating with Labor to find a majority in parliament for her course. Because of the EU negotiated Brexit deal of the Conservatives has already failed three times in the lower house. May has already announced her resignation if members of European Parliament (MEPs) give the green light to an agreement.

Tory party figures openly oppose deal with Labour

Resistance to a Brexit compromise with the opposition Labour Party is growing in the conservative British ruling party. More than a dozen Tory politicians in a letter to the London Times called on Prime Minister Theresa May to reject the Labor call for a customs union with the EU. The letter was signed by ex-Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and two former Brexit ministers David Davis and Dominic Raab.

Labour party calls for Britain to be much closer to the EU than previously planned by the government. Among other things, the country is to remain, according to the will of Labor, in a customs union with the EU. The members of a customs union have common external tariffs, at the internal borders there are then no more tariffs. Physical checks are therefore largely superfluous. But proponents of a clear break with Brussels refuse because London could not conclude its own free trade agreements with third countries such as the US or China after leaving the EU.

The government has been holding talks with Labor for several weeks after the Brussels-negotiated Brexit agreement failed for the third time in the British Parliament at the end of March. In case of failure of the talks, May had announced to let the MPs again vote on alternatives to their deal. Whether this achieves a breakthrough, but is doubtful. Earlier votes of this kind had gone out without result.

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)

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