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11.05.2019 Health

Condoms Can’t Prevent HIV Infections In Some Sex Positions–PPAG

By Samuel Kwesi Obeng
Counsellor Michael Tagoe
MAY 11, 2019 HEALTH

Men who enjoy a woman sitting on them during sexual intercourse is dangerous and highly possible to contract the HIV virus even if he wears the most expensive condom on earth once the woman is a carrier, Counsellor Michael Tagoe of the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) has hinted.

Mr Tagoe is advising people to desist from doggy style, wheelbarrow, cowgirl and the froggy style sex positions which are the common ways to contract the disease from an infected person.

He made this pronouncement during the formation of an HIV and AIDS club at the Psychiatric Nursing Training College at Ankaful on the 10th May, 2019 organised by Ocean 1TV with support from UNAIDS and partners.

Counsellor Tagoe added that because the male condoms do not cover the entire male sex organ, fluid from a female in a doggy style sex position usually gets in contact with the male scrotum.

According to him, in situations where there are cuts in the region of the scrotum, transferring of HIV virus from the infected female to the male is highly possible.

He noted that because people are not well informed about the dangers associated with some sex positions, a lot of people have contracted the virus unaware. This has resulted in many people apportioning blames on their mothers, grandmothers and relations as witches for spiritually infecting them with the virus.

Mrs Joana Mensah of the Ghana AIDS Commission in Central Region encouraged young nurses to continue to express love and care in enhancing the nurse-patient relationship.

She said some complaints which have come to her office include stigmatization and discrimination of persons living with HIV by some personnel at the health facilities.

Mrs Mensah further indicated that some health personnel carelessly disclose confidential information about some persons living with HIV to outsiders, an action which has thrown a lot of these persons living with the virus into the ostracism.

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