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Let's Stop Racism In Football

Let's Stop Racism In Football
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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the world's foremost broadcaster, and other media houses in the United Kingdom have reported: "Danny Rose says he is "lost for words" after Montenegro were ordered to play their next home match behind closed doors following the racist abuse of England players by supporters in March (2019).

England won the EURO 2020 qualifier 5 -1 in Podgorica, but the match was overshadowed by racist chanting aimed at several players, including Rose.

Montenegro have also received a fine of 20,000 Euros from UEFA.

"I don't think it is a harsh enough punishment," Rose told Sky Sports.

I agree absolutely with Rose.
Let me tell racists and their ilks that the concept of white superiority over the blacks is a facade. According to BBC website, Dr Craig Venter, the scientist/businessman, who led the private effort to decode the human genome, was quoted as saying: "Skin color as surrogate for race is a social concept and not a scientific one. There is no basis in scientific fact as in human genetic code for the notion that skin color will be predictive of intelligence.

"Another important fact is that the structure of DNA, the molecule that lies at the heart of heredity in living organisms, showed that there were no scientific bases for the concept of race. People from different racial groups can be more genetically similar than individuals within the same genetic group.

"Genetics studies indicate that there is more variability in the gene pool in Africa than outside."

Lack of knowledge is the bane of racists. Blacks occupy the choicest parts of planet earth, while the whites live at the periphery. What makes them to think that they are superior?

Africans live on the most stable tectonic plate - Gondwanaland, while Montenegro is on a broken piece of the plate, that is sinking under Italy at the rate of seven millimeters per year - what makes them to think that they are superior?

Montenegro is constantly under the risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions - what makes them to think that they are superior?

West Africa for an example does not have cyclones, tornadoes and hurricanes, the worst we have are thunderstorms.

When it rains in the afternoons, children play in the rain singing " ensuo re to, awia rebo" to wit "it is raining and the sun is shining".

Can the children in Montenegro have such an experience? Can they play when it is snowing? What makes them to think that they are superior?

Africans can swim in the sea 24/7 throughout the year while the people of Montenegro can swim in their sea for only three month in a year - July, August and September. What makes them to think that they are superior?

It is a historical fact that Europeans colonized Africa. It was possible because they had superior weapons, which were not invented by them. They were just lucky to have come into contact with the Chinese, who invented the gunpowder.

In Ghana for example, you just take a bucket full of soil, wash it and you get gold - what makes the racists to think that they are superior?

As I said in my previous article, I want to advise my Grandchildren to fight a taunt with a taunt. They should not get angry neither should they hit racists when they taunt them because if they hit racists, the courts would jail them because of their philosophy that "words break no bones".

So when racists shout: "Black Monkey! Where is your tail? My Grandchildren should also shout back -"White Pig! Where is your snout! They should add "I will use you for hamburger! Then they should make a sign of biting a hamburger. Once again My Grandchildren should fight a taunt with a taunt. That would show the racists that we can meet them boot for boot!

About the Writer:
Boakye-Dankwa Boadi, was the Supervising Chief Editor and Acting General Manager of Ghana News Agency, when he retired in 2011.