Four More For Nana – Implications

Feature Article Four More For Nana – Implications

Kumasi, Nov. 23, 2020 – Our Elders say, “Opanin nntena fie mma asadua mmfo” – to wit, “the Elderly does not sit down in the house and allow rainwater to soak beans that are dried in the sun”.

This Writer has, therefore, taken upon himself to draw attention to the slogan, “Four More For Nana” and its implications.

It implies that Nana Addo has done very well, so he must be given four more years. This is a false premise because Nana had been selfish and sought to project Okyeman above all other people.

Nana Addo has decided that Kyebi should have the headquarters and bauxite refinery of SynoHydro so that Okyeman would become the most developed part of Ghana.

To achieve his objective Nana Addo has decided to destroy Atiwa-Atwenedu Forest so that he could justify his decision to make Okyeman the centre of SynoHydro activities in Ghana.

Many organisations have come together and taken the Government to Court to stop the destruction of Atiwa-Atwenedu because it is the only remaining forest in South-Eastern Ghana.

The Government is recalcitrant because Nana Addo wants to develop Akyem-Abuakwa to become the most developed at the expense of Atwima Mponua and Bibiani-Anhwiaso –Bekwai Districts that have the bulk of the bauxite that would be processed – a clear case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Now let us return to the implications if Atiwa-Atweredu is destroyed. The forest is the source of the three rivers – Ayensu, Birim and Densu.

River Densu is the source of water supply to Accra. This means that if you are in Accra and you vote for Nana Addo, it means you agree that your water supply should be cut.

You may describe this way of reasoning as pedestrian. The most dangerous consequence of destroying Atiwa-Atweredu would be the appearance of smug in the Accra-Tema Area.

Smug contains ozone which kills asthmatics. It is because the forest refines the pollution in Accra-Tema Area, that is the reason why there is no smug in the area.

The sea breeze blows polluted air and fumes from motor vehicles to the forest. The forest through a process called carbon sequestration in the troposphere, refreshes it and the land breeze blows it back to the sea through the Accra-Tema Area. This is a scientific fact.

The media should join the campaign to stop Nana Addo from destroying Atiwa-Atweredu. This Writer is expecting to see headlines like “Vote Nana Addo and Banish Asthmatics from Accra-Tema Area”.

Nana Addo Robs Atwima Mponua and Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Districts for Kyebi; “Reject Nana Addo, He is a cheat”; “Nana Addo is not Nationalistic Reject him!”

Reject Nana Addo; Reject Okyeman Hegemony and Wake up Slumbering Asanteman!

If you are from Asanteman or Wassaman, and you vote for Nana Addo, it means you are voting for him to build the bauxite refinery and headquarters of SynoHydro at Kyebi in Okyeman.

A word to a wise is enough!

About the Writer:

Boakye-Dankwa Boadi, was the Supervising Chief Editor and Acting General Manager of Ghana News Agency when he retired in November 2011.

He is currently Director of Communication and Advocacy of Wacam, a human rights environmental and mining advocacy non-governmental organisation.

He has written many articles, you may google Boakye-Dankwa Boadi to access them.