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26.04.2019 Opinion

Open letter To Africa's Youth

By Samuel Ato Afful
Open letter To Africa's Youth

Dear African Youth,
This is purely my opinion from my observations. If even you won't read it, kindly share it. You don't need to agree with the contents. Someone might read and perhaps correct me, where I have gotten it wrong.

Africans. Africans. Africans. They are intolerant of other people's cultures, beliefs, religions, political affiliations, sexual orientation, health conditions, economic status etc. Yet when they travel to the developed countries, they make a u-turn and all of a sudden embrace or tolerate the very things they found so abhorrent back home in Africa. They don't even want to return home to develop the continent saying 'Africa is backward'. But they forget that in the developed world, the people who are building those economies with their expertise are not necessarily morally upright nor religious as humans expect them to be. Some are gays, lesbians, prostitutes, albinos, amputees, physically challenged (disabled), HIV sufferers, etc. A good number of them don't wear expensive and fashionable clothes. Neither do they drive expensive cars or spend fortunes on weddings and marriage ceremonies. They don't do pre-wedding and birthday photo shoots. They don't go and sit in the church during working hours to kill the devil and witches in their families. They don't call pastors as their spiritual fathers. They don't depend on miracles. Neither do they blame certain evil spirits from God knows where as being the reason for their failures. They don't despise young people for getting pregnant outside marriage. Their men don't need to gather a fortune to go pay dowry on the head of the girl they want to marry. Workers are not taken for granted for some individual selfish gains.

Their families and peers don't determine the age a young man or woman must get married. Actually, marriage isn't considered a feat over there. But in Africa, hmmm. If you aren't married at a certain age, then some funny looking people who can barely feed, clothe themselves and pay basic bills, will have the guts to criticize you as being immoral or irresponsible. Like seriously? See all the street and homeless children who have been exposed to all the ills and threats of a failed state. How pathetic.

They love research and talent development. They invest in the people no matter whatever benchmarks humans have set for themselves.

What am I saying? Stop deciding how people should live their lives.

Many of Africa's youth are perishing because they crave for societal acceptance as opposed to personal development, especially psychological and economical. They prefer (and it looks like they have other option) to do anything inhuman in secret to make money to spend publicly. Why? Just for society to applaud them as successful. What a shame. In the end what? The Chinese kids and those from the western worlds are being prepared by their societies to take over theirs and come down here to take ours too. I weep for Africa. Anyway, there is hope. We can make a difference. Bless up. Thanks for reading and sharing. -I am Samuel Ato Afful, Accra, Ghana 🇬🇭. I'm a Communications And Events Specialist, an Author and Life Coach (Email: [email protected] )

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