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15.04.2019 Opinion

How To Weaken The Dollar In Ghana

Tuorimuo Elvis Philip
How To Weaken The Dollar In Ghana

One Important thing we were not Taught in Economics is that being smart has to count, the actual route would be more expensive let's use the unpopular route.

Economics is a science that deals not only with how scare resources are managed but also how to increase the value of those resources including our Ghanaian currency.


When you are to trade in China, focus on getting their currency (yuan) not dollars, this will weaken the dollar.

When you are to trade in Nigeria, nobody tells you to go for their Currency(Naira) straight away, why don't you go for dollars and then change it when you get to Nigeria (Will be expensive).

When our Northern brothers are to trade in Togo or Burkina, they go for their currency(CFA) straight away and not dollars.

When you are to trade in Dubai, get their currency, if you want to trade in Japan, get the(yen) that will make your bargaining stronger and increase your purchase power rather than using dollars often.

When one is to visit South Africa, he or she has to change his money to dollars, get there and change to rand, why won't you just change it here directly with the cedi where it will be cheap and value more rather than using the double urged sword which will inflict more wounds.

The cedi values higher than the south African Rand, the Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Nigerian Naira and several other currencies, let's make good use of those opportunities and stop being brainwashed by the dollars, Ghanaians hardly go to USA to trade.

Lets Campaign against the dollar monopoly.

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