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Opinion | Mar 10, 2019

Rev. Aful- Broni squanders GHC 5.7 million from the University of Education within six months of assuming office.

Rev. Aful- Broni squanders GHC 5.7 million from the University of Education within six months of assuming office.

I have written several articles to divulge the material reason why the cabal of Abakah, Aful-Broni et al was so twisted on eliminating Prof Avoke as the VC at the University of Education. First, among all the public universities, the University of Education is undoubtedly the most resourced due to the fact that it generates lots of money from the numerous teachers across the nation and has satellite sites in almost every region in Ghana. Everyone can attest to the fact that Prof Avoke never took a penny from the coffers of the university. The entire fabricated charges have not been proven Much as his detractors will want to pin looting charges on innocent individuals; Prof Avoke is after all, an innocent victim of wicked people, whose whole strategy was to eradicate him so that they could have direct access to UEW’s money.

All said and done, Afenyo Markin found a partner in Aful-Broni and Abakah, who gave up his position as a Vice-Chancellor of a University College to be the Chair of the Council at UEW. Which academic in his correct frame of mind will give up such a prominent position to become a Council Chair? Unless, of course, Abakah knew there was money at UEW for them to loot. This is exactly what happened and continues to happen. After destroying an innocent Prof Avoke, the trio embarked on a looting spree. I predicted it will be a feeding frenzy. It has been. I am privy to the expense account for the 2018 academic year. The paid armed chair writers who constantly wrote to accuse Avoke et. al for looting have remained rather silent. I am sure they have been soundly rewarded through the code reference of Aful-Broni and others. Who are the others whose names are not reflected in the payment voucher? Your guess is as good as mine. I will allow eagle-eyed and unprejudiced people to read into it themselves.

I have taken the patience of a surgeon with a surgical knife and have surgically reviewed all the payments made through the Ghana Commercial Bank in Winneba alone. I also took note and a breakdown of charges to certain individuals at UEW. Interestingly, Rev Aful-Broni, who is on record accusing others of looting and wastage, has in only six months been paid GHC 5.7 million from the reserves of the University of Education. I took a careful look at the voucher payments through the Ghana Commercial Bank, in Winneba only to discover that Aful-Broni alone had personally pocketed 5.7 million Ghana New Cedis. In several instances, payments were also made to Aful-Broni and six others. The word others is a recurring theme in the payment vouchers. The six others have not been identified, so one can only make a conjecture to the identities of the others. Another striking thing was that SPARK construction that was accused of looting is still being paid. So, SPARKS after all was not looting. Another false accusation. I also observed a payment (Voucher check No 6341853) as payment to Aful-Broni and two others as honorarium (GHC 351,000.00). Aful-Broni and seven others were also paid (GHC 44,550.00) for a workshop. Paul Osei Barimah and one other were paid (GHC 342,000) as a sandwich claim. Aful-Broni and others received another payment of (GHC 670,000). Additionally voucher No 642173 for GHC 69, 891.64 was paid to British Airways and the per diem for Aful-Broni to attend a conference from Nov 3-8, 2018 in London.

A voucher No 642193 of GHC 160,740 as sandwich honorarium was paid to Aful-Broni and four others. Meanwhile, Assuah Charles Kojo and 300 others were also paid (GHC 293, 310). Fascinatingly enough Aful-Broni and seven others were paid GHC161, 650 as part honorarium for the Vice Chancellor’s scholarship fund committee. The governing council members were also part of this buffet. Their allowances in October alone were GHC 55,000. Members of the disciplinary board headed by Neenyi Ghartey also pocketed GHC 29,700. Aful-Broni and two others pocketed GHC160, 000 on December 13, 2018. Another voucher cheque No 642510 of GHC 80,000 was paid to Aful-Broni on December 14th, 2018. On March 15, 2018, Aful-Broni was again paid GHC 24, 814 as personal emoluments. (Voucher No 237079). A cheque No 640860 was paid to Paul Osei-Barima in the amount of GHC 30,000. On February 15, Aful-Broni was yet again paid GHC 80,000 (voucher No 234163). As if all these payments were not enough, the end of the year 2018 package for the corrupt council members was GHC 347,532 (Check no 642485). In addition, Aful-Broni and six others were paid GHC 67,000 through Project ID No P129381 Grant No TF1314. The October legal fee payment to Kwesi Abedu was (GHC 20,000). The document I have is about 12 pages and it will take forever to run all the numbers. What I did was to highlight some few payments.

The disturbing thing about all these is that, Avoke was not paid even 10% in two years what Broni has been paid in six months after assuming office. The Council members are as guilty as Broni and his gang of looters. These Council members have been bribed and are no longer serving in the interest of the students and faculty. They have become lackeys. Now, my question is; what are the President, Nana Akuffo-Addo and the Minister of Education going to do about this? For a single man, with no children to be looting monies from the coffers of a public university is criminality at its best. It is time for the students at UEW, faculty and those who care about the university to wake up from their slumber. Aful-Broni and his henchmen are pilfering and stealing from you. Wake up from your sleep. The so-called man of God is here to enrich himself. In my next write up, I will provide additional information with regards to the stealing going on at UEW.

By Dr. Alfred Manu

Alfred Manu
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