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21.03.2019 Feature Article

The University Of Education In Winneba: Fantasy, Accusations And Illegalities

The University Of Education In Winneba: Fantasy, Accusations And Illegalities
LISTEN MAR 21, 2019

The UEW ongoing saga has been in the news of late. Throughout this saga the narrative of procurement malpractices have emerged, leading to dismissals then to demonstrations and, the eventual closing of the University. During the course of this process, procurement indictments have been levelled against Avoke et al.

As luck will have it, I am privy to the final report of the forensic investigations conducted by EOCO. Let me start off with the purported accusations. I have to state on record that it was only recently that we all found out that these accusations were made by Rev. Aful-Broni, who was then the Pro-Vice Chancellor of UEW. He in a rather ungodly manner concocted these charges and fed them to some individuals leading to the beginning of lawsuits and the removal of principal officers from UEW.


  1. The mode of selection of SPARK and Pas Badu Construction Ghana Ltd was unlawful
  2. 3% on investment paid to all management staff of the university was unlawful
  3. Failure to use the Competitive Tendering process in the purchase of 8 pick ups
  4. 2% of all fees paid to Prof Anamuah’s son as maintenance fees for the installation of software for the university raised issues of conflict of interest
  5. The process leading to the award of contract for the construction of the North campus road of UEW was without due process
  6. Non-payment of holding tax
  7. Breach of UEW transport policy
  8. Continuous stay in office by council members after expiration
  9. Abuse of overseas travel
  10. Management pay roll is shrouded in secrecy

A team of Forensic investigators from EOCO stormed UEW and conducted comprehensive investigations into these serious allegations. In sum, these are the concluding accounts into the invented denunciations:

  1. The allegations that the mode of selection of SPARK, Pas Badu Construction and C-Deck for the award of various contracts by the University did not follow procurement rules is untrue since procurement rules were duly followed
  2. The 3% on investment paid to all the management staff of the university is lawful
  3. The allegations that the University failed to use the Competitive Tendering process in the purchase of 8 pickups which cost GHC 800,000,00 cannot be substantiated and merely speculative
  4. The internal audit unit also audits employee’s salary
  5. The university Transport policy which provides that every three years other insurance companies should be invited to bid was breached and that per the university statute the members of the transportation committee should be held liable (Rev. Aful- Broni was the Chairman of the Transportation Committee)
  6. The circumstances under which Principal Officers purchase household items is lawful as this is the policy of the university, approved by the governing council
  7. The allegations that the continuous stay in office by council members after expiration of tenure as unlawful was not supported by evidence
  8. The allegation of payroll shrouded in secrecy is not supported since there are strict internal controls as well as pre-audit and post audit measures
  9. With the exception of the registrar who exceeded a number of overseas travels as per the policy of UEW, the VC and the Finance Officer were within the acceptable ceiling
  10. All the contracts awarded to Kedard Ltd followed due process and that procurement rules were not breached
  11. Finally , the allegations that the payroll of the University was bloated was speculative and not supported by evidence
  12. University paid all its taxes
  13. Fees paid to Prof. Anamuah’s son was not conflict of interest

If someone should be held accountable, then it has to be Rev. Aful-Broni. He was the chairman of the transportation committee. Is it not interesting that Aful-Broni gets rewarded each time he violates the laws of Ghana, the statutes of the university and the procurement provisions? Ironically, Prof Avoke and Dr. Ackorlie and the rest are rather the ones proscribed and victimized for adhering to the regulations.

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