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24.04.2019 Feature Article

The Axis of Evil In UEW: Broni, Abakah, Prempeh, Yankah And the Morbid Council

The Axis of Evil In UEW: Broni, Abakah, Prempeh, Yankah And the Morbid Council

I have written lengthily about the UEW saga that has crippled this University that is not even thirty years old. Until the Federation of the evil decided to destroy a fine institution, UEW was working well and was at one point considered among the top universities in Ghana. UEW was attracting Fulbright scholars from the USA and was also a fertile ground for Europeans who wanted to especially, increase their knowledge in linguistics and local languages. Everything was on course and University started earning some tributes within the educational settings across the region. UEW was the choice for faculty from Nigerian Universities to spend their sabbatical years. As a matter of fact, more Nigerian professors and faculty were trooping to UEW than any other higher institution in Ghana. Unfortunately, because of the bad press, academics are running away from the UEW name. Now, the University is being managed by a cabal analogous to the mafia. Dissent has been crinkled. Academic freedom has been truncated. Freedom of speech is a thing of the past. Oppression and terrorization are now the rule. The goons have taken over the University. Interestingly enough, they also have a lunatic who has been appointed as the mouthpiece of the Rev and the Council. I refuse to call Broni a professor because he did not earn it. If you seriously go back and review all his publications, you will speedily find out that he planted his name on work that students had done. A professor who has not even graduated an MPhil or PhD student cannot be called as such. Someone must investigate all his publications.

When all these UEW issues started, there were some of us who believed in Prof Avoke, and his innocence. We knew that the sect wanted to purge him so that they could have access to managing the University. Several unscrupulous strategies were adopted with the support of Prempeh, the Minister of Education. The first time I figured something was amiss was when the Ministry of Education, at all stages refused to respond to any of the court actions. I then knew that Napo as he is called was circuitously supporting the coup and the criminalities that were going on in Winneba. As a Minister of Education, he should have been the first to have arbitrated but rather he was standoffish and implicitly supported the gobbledygook that was taking place at UEW. As for Yankah, he sounded like a weak entertainer. As soon as he made a comment about the ongoing issues in UEW, his wings were cut into sizes. Since then, he has remained helpless. A Sectorial Minister with false teeth. I am not even sure why we have such a position. I have heard him speak a few times on TV and truth be told, he is better off going on retirement than walking around as a Sectorial Minister. He has lost his little integrity.

We have heard that Broni paid Prempeh 400,000 New Ghana Cedis. This money was to THANK him for supporting his illegitimate rise to the VC position. No wonder, in six months, Broni had claimed a hooting 5.7 million Cedis in allowances alone. I saw some of the vouchers and in each instant, it was Broni and others. I hope the auditors will find out who the others are. Prempeh should do the right thing and return the 400,000 Cedis he received from Broni. At this point, I want to wholeheartedly express my gratitude to Afenyo Markins. Yes, he was the catalyst for all the crisis at the UEW. However, for him to come out and publicly announce that he acted on information that his Priest- Broni had provided shows me he is a man of veracity. Very few politicians will owe up to their wounds. Indeed, I am even informed that the local NPP branch in Winneba was given 20,000 Cedis by Broni. However, when Markins discovered Broni had lied to him, he returned the money to Broni. It is only upright people that can do exactly what Markins did. I am sure Markin’s conscience is now very clear. I tell people that if your Pastor or Priest came to you in the deep of the night and informed you that misdeeds were being done, any of us would have done what Markins did. For that, I believe we should forgive him. Broni must bear the responsibility for misleading and fabricating distortions. Is this guy really a Priest? Where did he get all these monies to be paying off Judges, Politicians, Lecturers and his poodles?

After EOCO came up with their report, the first thing they did was to submit the report to Prempeh, the Minister of Education. Why did he sit on the report for all this while? Prempeh is a crosier and has no business being a Minister of Education. Throughout this saga, he has benefited the most from the pandemonium. I watched on media where he was strong-arming Markins to shake hands with Broni. It was derisory. Even a primary school pupil will grasp that all was not well. So far, Prempeh has been compromised that is why he is finding it difficult to dissolve the Council and getting rid of Broni. Money has changed hands and who in his right mind will return 400,000 Cedis?

Abakah is also very central to the axis. He retired as a failed academic. He came back as Council chair because of his connections to Yankah. How can Yankah appoint a bitter and a failed academic to head a council in UEW? Why did he not send him to another University? Abakah eventually got promoted to a fake -full professor and some back pay was paid to him. Is UEW a personal bank or a public University? Sometimes, I wonder how some of our Ministers make decisions. Bringing Abakah back to UEW was like putting petrol next to a fire. Did Yankah not know the hate he had for Prof Avoke and his colleagues? Did Yankah really want UEW to succeed as a University? I doubt that. I do not see why this morbid Council is still around. Is it that some individuals are being suborned or is it that the Council has become a cash cow for some government officials? How difficult is it to dissolve a Council that is not functioning? How difficult is it to bring back the 30 dismissed staff? Be that as it may, Broni and the Council know they have paid Prempeh, the Minister of Education some money. So, inevitably, he has become impotent and his word no longer means anything to them. Broni and Abakah are walking around with the names of all those they have paid off. No wonder they do not even respect court decisions. If Ghana should move forward as a respected nation that respects human rights, and natural justice, the President should do the right thing and undo the wrong. If the President is waiting for his two Ministers to solve the problem at UEW, the problem will never be solved. The two Ministers have lost their credibility. Mr. President, please do the right thing and do not go into history as being responsible for the injustice that has been meted out to fellow Ghanaians by your appointees. Posterity will not judge you well, especially, when it comes to academic freedom and the rights of individuals. Yankah, Prempeh, Broni, Abakah and the Council must all go. Until then, the cancer in UEW will metastasize and continue to eat into the fabric of higher education. Do the right thing and reinstate the innocent individuals that were dismissed by the wicked and corrupt Council.

Alfred Manu
Alfred Manu, © 2019

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