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Opinion | Jan 21, 2019

Be Reasonable In Your Attacks On Anas And His Team

Be Reasonable In Your Attacks On Anas And His Team

Dear Rtd Nkrabea Effah Darteh......
Since the death of Anas's partner who was the lead investigator in respect of the #12 took this nation on the walls of"shock", alot of people have expressed their revulsion on the gruesome Murder of Mr.Ahmed Hussien Suale. I find the posture of Rtd Nkrabea Effah Darteh's on this issue very repugnant and heartless. He is reported by to have reiterated that, in any serious country, the entire Tigereeye PI team would have been wiped out for want of time. He is also on record to have made these quoted assertions" Anas’ partner Ahmed Hussein-Suale caused his own death". In this moment of solemn grief and anguish which Ahmed's family members are struggling to recover from, one would have expected some decorum from the honorable member particularly on his view concerning the death of Ahmed Hussien Suale but in this case , he decided to be heartless. Since he chose a slippery tangent as a matured person , let me also use this opportunity to take him on the same tangent.

The honorable member has forgotten that, Anas and the Tigereye PI crew are doing what our state institutions paid with the tax payers money ought to have been doing in the fight against the bane of this country's progress[corruption and its related offenses]. Since the day Anas and his team took their eyes on the corruption that was sinking the judiciary, Nkrabea Effah Darteh has never spared the team with his nonchalant and nauseating attacks as if investigative journalism premised on undercover is an abominable act. This is the man who swore heaven and earth to get Anas unmask during the committee hearing the "Ghana in the eyes of God video" which captured widespread corruption involving some superior court and lower court judges at the judiciary.

Because the committee didnt find any sense in his argument which sought to block Anas from mounting the witness box to present his testimony until and unless he removes the hood on his face when it was clear that, the evidence before the committee was not "hooded". The committee in furtherance, rejected his balderdash and threw it into the dustbin for the case to continue. At the end of the day, the committee found merit in Anas's petition and recommended the dismissal of those disgraceful judges who were implicated.

It does appear that, Rtd Nkrabea Effah Darteh has exhaustd his useful days in this country and therefore,any matter in relation to public interest is of no importance to him. Why would anybody in his reasonable mind think that, the existence of Anas and his team is a problem and the best way to get rid of them is to wipe them out as in the case of his comment on the muder of Ahmed Hussein Suale.

Before you took your stands on Anas and his team, you were one of the very few men i admired in this country but today, i have decided to take my "admiration back" because you dont deserve it. Advocating for Anas and his team to be wiped out is criminal if you care to know. The expression "wipe out" in the oxford dictionary could mean "kill" or destroy "completely".

With this unfortunate comment from you, would i be right to assume that, the gruesome murder of the gentleman motivated what you are on record to have said as captured on ?. The implication of your statement is that, you have endorsed the"slaying" of Anas's partner and you do encourage same to be done to other members since it is the best way to wipe out the entire team.

I am seriously disappointed in you for blaming a deceased especially on the very despicable circumstances that caused his regrettable demise. You should have reserved this "childish" comment for any of your relative so that, in case (s)he is killed in such a painful manner, you push same blame to him or her. The fact that ,the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana gives you the ultimate right to free speech doesnt mean that, you should say things that has the propensity to damage your integrity.

Where the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana places your freedom as a citizen of Ghana, you owe that "freedom" a duty. Freedom of speech goes with the duty which enjoins you to be reasonable in your expression

Dawda Eric(Equity)
Citizen Vigilance for Justice
21st Jan.2019
[email protected]

Dawda Eric
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