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Opinion | Jan 6, 2019

On Feminism And Those Threatened By It

On Feminism And Those Threatened By It

It is one thing making an argument against the stance taken by a feminist on a matter and it is another thing taking a position that everything feminist is detrimental to society and must be viciously fought.

The other day on a complex matter of why men cheat in a relationship on Facebook, a male managed to rope in his hate for feminism in his comment.That men cheat when they marry feminists who know too much.

Personally, i felt ashamed and scandalized that such ignorance would represent the views of men on why we cheat.

I think it is tragic that some people are still rooted in some myths about women for which they fight against anything feminism.

And it is a pity that such people risk denying themselves the blessings of being associated with the modern woman as wives, sisters and daughters.

How could someone make a case that a woman who speaks her voice strongly in a public discourse risks not attracting a man who would adore her as if exercising one's voice makes one commit a sacrilege thing in this day and age?

What do these apologist of males who hate feminism want?

Do they want us to show with pride to the outside world in this era our own women who know nothing about the world except what pertains in the kitchen?

Or should we be gigling here with mirth and pardoning our modern woman who speaks no sense in an interview on international platform only because she is a woman?

What do these people incensed about feminine voice want?

I love tracking the feminine voice on our social media platform. I am fascinated by the sheer brilliance expressed on issues by the feminine.

I do not agree with every stance some take on certain matters; but i love the fact that they make the argument.

And I had jokingly encouraged the male on social media that if there is a kind of woman a man must strive to marry today, it is the kind that is up to date with everything in our society.

You are sure this woman would give you brilliant children who would achieve the highest of academia effortlessly.

This is pure science. The fruit of a good gene.
I have seen rich people making all the efforts to get their children to pass BECE to no avail. These people are ready to sponsor these children to climb the highest level of academia and yet these children are unable to meet their father's dream because they have no mental capabilities to meet such goals.

Marrying a brilliant woman is an asset. You have high chances she would bless you with one or two brilliant children; it is enough. It is better than many children you would have somewhere to swell your geneology who might all turn out not worth anything.

Insecure men should stop exposing their weakling selves to the public about women who have found their voices and are exploring new frontiers previously left for the male.

If you cant deal with their high intellect as a husband; go for what you like. Go for the one who would tolerate your ignorance, insecurities and your feign importance as a man.

At least each one gets what he deserves.
Some men still believe in this day and age that the only way for a man to feel his scrotum alive is to have the wife who hopelessly depend on the husband ; and is on 24 hr call in his service.

We have moved on.
I have a sister in law pursuing a master degree in a top university here and yet married to a man who has no degree. They are doing fine. The man is not insecure. He acts as a man of the house and earns the respect from the wife. He supports her in everything. And they are achieving everything together. The man takes care of the children when they are back from school when their mother is away.

And the public mockery of these women for their single lives as cursed punishment is almost ridiculous.

How do we expect these women to settle down with men who feel threatened by the desire of these women to live all the possibilities that modern life affords all of us ?

The fact is our society is short of capable and willing men ready to bear responsibility in the lives of these women.

There are no men capable to measure up to these women in relationship; especially when we have too many men insecure by the empowerment of the woman.

Where are the men?
Are we talking about the ones who are roaming about with degrees searching for one particular job to no avail and so have decided not to take advantage of any other opportunities?

Where are the men?
Are we talking about those who are getting to andropause and still lieing to themselves that they are too young to settle down?

Where are the men who are supposed to marry the so-called frustrated single women?

Are we talking about those with fanciful dreams about only making it big abroad?

The fact is many men are shy today of bearing the responsibilities that come with being a husband. That is the primary reason many women are single.

That is what society must address.
There are men today who have all the degrees and are having good life in the city making the excuses they are single because they cant afford the high expenditure in contracting a SINGLE modern marriage; yet their fathers and grandfathers who never entered classrooms were able to build houses and marry women.

We had seen men in the past.
Ordinary young goal- oriented and high- spirited men who had nothing but were able to convince women born to wealth to elope with them to start life from scratch : on nothing.

Today, men have no dreams to sell to promising young women to buy in and to capture the girls' hearts so they would boast about their male prowess in drinking places.

Men have become so idle preoccupied with bad mouthing the feminine that is commanding audience in society.

What is wrong with the modern man?
Paul Zowonu

Paul Zowonu
Paul Zowonu, © 2019

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