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Of Oswald Christ's Kingdom

Of Oswald Christ's  Kingdom
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There is this teaching which is synonymous to Charismatic beliefs and practices. The new charismatic convert vociferously affirms and associates himself/herself with words like ' have Dominion' and ' supernatural blessings'.

He believes that there are promises that should manifest in his life in Christ in the form of large material wealth and everything that is enviable. He believes the manifestation of these blessings also signifies he is in tune with God. He however ignores the fact that sinful people aso get blessed with large wealth in his philosophy of supernatural blessings.

Another contradiction that exists in the neo-convert's philosophy of blessings is how in his quest to have everything on earth for himself as evidence of God being with him, he also shares in a common faith that all Christians : haves and have nots; would all be equal one day in paradise. And in paradise, there would not be any poor ; no one would lack in paradise one day.

But before that 'common good' society happens one day everybody for himself on earth; God for us all in heaven.

Among the reactions that came with how corporate organizations and individuals made a spectacle of their generosity, it was some young Christians' reactions that struck me. They thought that those who saw the spectacle as obscene were up to mischief. They said such people didn't understand God's time, seasons and opportunities.

For them , there was nothing offensive about some 'generous donors' jumping in a fun giving spectacle. It was the boy's season and time to have it and to have it all. It didn't matter if the boy didn't need all the donations anyway; and it didn't matter if other people might be in dire need of such generosity.

Fortunately, the Bible cautions us against false teachings/ beliefs. Even people who mean well can act wrongly on false interpretation of the Bible.

If you want to have the whole world, you can work hard to have it. It isnt immoral to be rich. But you can't be boasting about having the whole world in a Christ who asks another to go and sell everything he owns before he comes to follow him. It is sacrilege.

Those who hold on to the promise of supernatural blessings shouldn't also forget to read the part of the Bible that reads ' thy kingdom come'. Christ, whilst here wanted this ' kingdom of 'common good' to be felt here even before those he called get to the promised paradise. And all his time here , he lived to institute this Kingdom . He fed the poor and healed the sick.

Christ's word and letter is in how he lived.

Christ didn't make miracles for fun.

In essence, if any follower of Christ is praying for supernatural blessings, he should be desiring such abundant blessings in order for him to show kindness to those who actually need it. He wouldn't just want to have everything just to boast in Christ.

If the unmerited favour comes, the Christ-like would do as Oswald's family did. He would take them to those who actually needed them.

This is what Christ wished it to be when he prayed the Kingdom to come here even before he returned.

May we all be directed to do good Christ-way.



Paul Zowonu


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