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Headlines | Dec 3, 2018

Students Protest At GIJ Amid Chaos

Staff Writer
Students Protest At GIJ Amid Chaos

Another incident of campus unrest has emerged at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) where students have been locked out of campus after some protests on Sunday.

The crux of the matter is that some students were denied access to examination rooms to write their end of semester papers.

Threats of mayhem on campus by the students, has however compelled the school authorities to call on armed security men to calm down tensions.

According to the students, the authorities are preventing them from writing their end of semester papers because the authorities say they owe school fees.

This, according to the students is however not true with all of them. Despite some of them owing as little as 20% of the fees, some say they have paid in full.

“How am I to blame if I have paid all my fees and the portal doesn’t open for me to register,” an angry student told Joy News.

Initially, the students said they were not interested in any violent protests but armed security was deployed to the campus to calm tensions after students threatened violence.

The authorities have not been available for any comments.

Meanwhile, Joy News’ Matilda Wemega reports that all papers for the day have been cancelled and students asked to leave.

A closed-door meeting took place between student leaders and the school’s management but details of the outcome are not available.


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