Building Youth Entrepreneurship Programs is the solution for somalia's Youth

Feature Article Building Youth Entrepreneurship Programs is the solution for somalia's Youth
OCT 29, 2018 LISTEN

The moment young people graduate from the various colleges in somalia they have nothing to do and become part of the statistics that contribute to unemployment figures.

Worse off are those that dropped out of school at various levels, as they struggle to break the cycle of poverty. These groups of people are languishing in the streets, Using bad addictive substances like khat Or Weed. And the cost of living is too high; I must say things are becoming unbearable.

Low employment opportunities for youth as per their qualification, capabilities and competencies, unsupportive business environment and lack of adequate fund to conduct business force youth to migrate abroad.

Somalia is getting huge amount in the form of remittance from foreign job market, it is obviously positive aspect. But it adversely affects somalia social and economic environment in a long run. Somali society is gone through ex- martial affair, high divorce rate in between couples, children are following wrong direction in the absence of their parent, and elder citizen are losing their children's support at their old age. so youth migration has brought so much social disorders in the country. On the other hand migrated youth faces different hurdles in foreign job market. Sometime, it may be heard that some of them died because of extreme physical and psychological pressure from their employer in foreign country.

Most somali people are financially very poor, only few elite group of society have better life, majority of citizen struggle for basic needs. Youth are unemployed, frustrated and trapped in drug abuse. These youth engaged in burglary, robbery & Terrorism to fulfill their drug needs.

Low access to employment make Somali youth's future dark. These youth are capable enough to work but they lack proper direction to utilize their skills & energy. We lack youth empowerment strategies by the government.

Effective mentor can bring them in right track, which will help them to recognize their strengths and make them their own boss by conducting business in their own community by utilizing their local resources. We must make them feel there is nothing more liberating than being your own boss and doing a job you love.

Keeping youth force in our own country with some incentives is a sustainable approach of development. We will otherwise lose our active human resources and the country becomes very dependent on import by not producing what we need for our day to day life.

So teaching youth Entrepreneurship skills is very essential to keep the active manpower in the country. There are full of possibilities, all we need is prepare youth strategies – implement some incentives, conduct projects and can immediately see the impact.

If you give a fish to a beggar, it means you feed him just once but if you teach him how to catch a fish, this means you feed him forever. They must not make Somali youth a parasite by providing financial help but they must teach them business skill and help to develop youth entrepreneurs in Somalia.

Therefore, Entrepreneurhip as an attitude can be nurtured and developed in the youth at early formative stages.

Integrating Entrepreneurship development as a part of the high school curriculum and expanding the same stream into college and university levels helps to give impetus to the budding entrepreneurial minds and allow them to give shape to their ideas and dreams so that they will have dignified life within their own country, and they will use their knowledge and skill to utilize their local resources for the development of their community from the youth entrepreneurship programs.

Written by Jebril M.Domenico M.A Head Of Youth Entrepreneurship in Somalia (YES)

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