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Sep 21, 2018 | Press Statement

Coalition Of Youth Groups In Nadowli-Kaleo Against The Transfer Of A Gynaecologist At The Nadowli District Hospital

By Denis Andaban
Coalition Of Youth Groups In Nadowli-Kaleo Against The Transfer Of A Gynaecologist At The Nadowli District Hospital

Our Media friends, Opinion Leaders, Ladies and Gentlemen.

We welcome you all to this emergency press conference being put together by the aforementioned coalition. We do appreciate your presence even on a short invitation notice. It is our hope that the media would do us a lot of favour this morning by ensuring that the issues we raise are put on the public spectacle for the appropriate authorities and those who matter in this regard, to address the issues amicably.

We received the news on the transfer of a specialist from the Nadowli hospital. We are extremely saddened by this transfer and wish to use this medium to raise some critical issues in objecting to the said transfer.

The Nadowli District Hospital Gynecologist renders services to clients from the following districts: Nadowli/Kaleo, Daffiama-Bussie-Issa, Jirapa, Lawra, Nandom and Lambussie.

Even some of the cases from WA municipal come to the Nadowli District Hospital gynaecologist for treatment and care. It is imperative to acknowledge that the Region in general lacks specialists especially gynaecologist. The few particularly the gynaecologist in Nadowli hospital though being under pressure is helping a lot. This is because the Nadowli District Hospital is centrally positioned, geographically. It is easily accessible from every part of the Region. This means that the presence of a gynaecologist in the Nadowli Hospital is strategically important.

Our attention has been drawn to the fact that the only gynecologist is being transferred out of the hospital. We are yet to understand why the specialist is being transferred considering the fact that many Districts are under his catchment area.

Again, the movement of the specialist (gynaecologist) implies that the people from the catchment area would be denied these specialist services. This would go a long way to affect quality healthcare delivery to vast majority of the people in the Region.

While we acknowledge that transfers are normal administrative procedures for every organization, we think that dealing with a specialist requires a more careful approach. This is a case where we have very few specialists in the Region and are supposed to be strategically posted to serve the majority of the people.

Having learnt about the transfer of the said specialist (gynaecologist), we have been aggrieved and worried partly due to the fate of the vast majority of the people in the aforementioned districts and partly due to the following fundamental issues:

1. The Nadowli Hospital facilitated his training as a gynaecologist as a priority of of/for the district. Why would a facility sponsor the training of a specialist and not benefit from him as expected?

2. The women of the Nadowli/Kaleo and the other districts within the catchment area equally deserve specialist care.

3. Transfers are allowed but the standard practice is that there should be replacement of such critical staff (gynaecologist) so as not to create a vacuum that would have adverse effects on the people.

4. We are not against the transfer of Muslim Ibrahim in person but it is that speciality we cannot afford to lose.

5. Is it the case that leadership cannot get additional specialists to serve the other parts of the Region either than robbing Peter to pay Paul?

6. In a memo that was released two days ago, the hospital administration acknowledged that there is pressure on the medical staff just because two physician assistants are currently on strike. To the extent that limited services is now being provided. What is the logic of transferring a specialist if we do not have S adequate staff?

7. We are also reliably informed that the medical sup.(Doctor Asante) will soon be leaving for further studies. The transfer of the said gynecologist could cripple the growth and efficiency of the hospital because only one medical doctor would be left to take care of this big hospital.

8. The former Regional Director of Health Services in his wisdom posted the gynaecologist to the Nadowli hospital to take care of the North-Western part of the Region in giving special care to wives and mothers while efforts while efforts were being made to specialist to other parts of the Region.

It is therefore unthinkable that upon assumption of office in less than three months, the current Regional Director of Health Services in acting capacity is destabilizing the very strong foundation laid by his predecessor, by transferring such limited skilled staff (gynaecologist).

This could be logically associated to somebody/people pursuing their parochial interest and this, we cannot allow to hinder the quality of Health care delivery in the Region.

It is also worthy to note that several efforts being made by the stakeholders from Nadowli -Kaleo District to reverse the transfer of the said gynaecologist have been undermined. This strongly undermines the human element which is pivotal in every organizational management.

We are by this press statement, calling on the high office of the Regional Director of Health Services and other stakeholders to immediately reverse the transfer of the said gynaecologist or post an equivalent specialist (in this case, a gynaecologist). Anything short of this would be met with the strongest resistance.

The group shall officially petition the appropriate authorities after this press conference.

We wish to add that we, the petitioners, are ever ready to use any means possibly to ensure that our legitimate demands are met, considering the health needs of the following districts that would lose the services of the said specialist:

1. Nadowli-Kaleo
2. Daffiama-Bussie-Issa
3. Jirapa
4. Lawra
5. Nandom
6. Lambussie
We hope that major stakeholders would spearhead an amicable resolution with a sense of urgency by reversing this questionable transfer. As citizens of Ghana who hail from the catchment area of the Nadowli hospital, we are stakeholders and must be heard. That is the essence of democracy. We cannot sit down and allow our health facility which has earned the accolade "Upper West Korle-Bu" to collapse because of personal interest. Decisions must be taken for the benefit of majority of the people.

We owe mother Ghana and the Upper West Region in contributing for progress and prosperity of the people of which health is the heart of the progress and prosperity of every society.

We are counting on the consideration and urgent attention of all stakeholders as we await a better decision on the subject matter. We shall also decide on a next step if nothing is done about it.

We thank you all for coming and seek for your support in our quest to reversing this sad situation that put the health of many people at risk.

Thank you.
Alban Kaningen
Denis Andaban
Kontoma Joseph
Peter Nanzonige
Ankaara John Bosco
Frederick Kaningen
Nanwaana Bernard
Cc: all media houses.

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