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Opinion | Aug 31, 2018

Okoampah Lives In a Fool’s Paradise

By Dominic Kwaku Jale

Notorious Kwame Okoampah, paid by the Akyem Mafia to operate on the nonsensical tangent, going as far as to denigrate former President Agyekum Kufuor and out-of-government Energy Minister, Boakye Agyarko, is actually nothing before a DECIMAL POINT.

When a man thinks he is that important when in actual fact he is nothing, he deceives himself. This inspirational insight was penned down by Apostle Paul of Tarsus, in his epistle to Galatian believers who boasted in their emptiness of spiritual matters.

Sad to say in contemporary times, another person who is demonstrating this Galatian trait is an Okoampah, born on the lap of arrogance, polished on the stone of obstinacy and fashioned in the throes of ignorance, is a gargantuan dunce. His special stock-in-trade is his ability to write rubbish from America and cart it all the way to Ghana.

This notorious Okoampah lists among his credentials a so-called recruitment by Kofi Coomson. He claims he is a Phd holder and further states that journalism practised on the land (GHANA) is beneath him. He can go to hell and swallow live crabs.

I, Jale Dominic Kwaku, count myself lucky and will never cease thanking the Lord my maker for bringing me this far, on the wings of the circumstances and mystery that enrolled me into formal education.

The sixth child of a farmer from Tatale in the Northern region, I almost lost out on school. By the grace of God my talent in football compelled my father to yield to the groundswell of pressure to enroll me. I don’t claim to be a Phd holder, neither do I claim to be a Mr. Know-It-All, but one thing stands at the centre of my philosophy, which is that, I respect every manner of person.

Following my write-up titled AGYARKO WAS ALWAYS A THREAT TO OFORI ATTA sometime last week, the careless-thinking Okoampah went to town maligning GIJ products, even though I am not one. Brandishing his Phd, this lad, actuated with measureless arrogance, spread the art of castigation a mile too long until he magnified it to cover former President, J. A. Kufuor and Boakye Agyarko.

Fact is, none of them had crossed his LACK OF COMMON SENSE PATH, yet he found space enough to rain insults on his elders, when indeed he was to be inspired by their achievements in life. Dishonest as he is, Okoampah shifted his reasoning power to a dishonest gear when he shifted blame on Lt. General Nunoo Mensah, as the one who first authored the libelous charge against President Kufuor. Cowards such as Okoampah will always die many times before their deaths.

Very soon we should not be surprised to hear Okoampah claiming ownership of Columbia University in America and that, the first mile stone was laid by his father or great grandpa. Instead of discussion issues, he sets to work to give the impression that he is the only Ghanaian to have studied in the United States and therefore, when it comes to illogical reasoning and arrogance, we must create an AKYEM STOOL for his dirty buttocks to sit on as KING OF AKYEM ASIAKWA ARROGANCE.

His agenda of wanting to impose baseless arguments on everybody in Ghana on the Agyarko saga will not wash. Does he know what pertains on the ground in the NPP world? If indeed Okoampah cares to know, it was through hard work and under back-breaking conditions that I personally funded my education from the basic level.

Let him know he has no hold over studying in the U.S. for I had a scholarship to study in major American universities too such as, John Fitzgerald Kennedy School of Governance and Joan Shorenstein Center, all in HARVAD. I am not the type who goes about trumpeting to the world who I am. That, obviously, is for bigots and never-do-wells.

This is a little tutorial for Okoampah who has actually changed his name to AHOOFE. Who can say he is pretty when while opening his mouth as a supposed Phd holder, he is betrayed on the barometer of common sense, stretching it a little too taut for his own good?

Going by one-by-one comparisons, I bet Okoampah will struggle to compare his supposed long years’ stay in the USA to my experience in that country in a relatively short time. I am humbled to draw his attention to the fact that, I was privileged to have covered President George Walker Bush Jr. as part of my studies, while I enjoyed a memorable briefing at the Pentagon of all places.

I can also answer Okoampah and inform him that out of the 51 states in the USA, I visited 21 universities in 21 states not for fun, but as part of producing my thesis. Apart from the universities, there was no single state institution in each of the 21 states I covered, that did not form part of my learning curves to find out how things worked out for the common goal of USA, as a nation.

If Okoampah cares to know, during the first commemoration ceremony of September 11, I was also privileged as an official journalist from Ghana to cover that historical event. My experience at University Los Angeles, NorthWestern University, Illinois, Chicago, University of Texas and the destiny-changing chance I had through the University of Florida, Gainesville, where Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare, holds Ghana’s flag aloft is chronicled for the consumption of the arrogant Okoampahs that, the son of a peasant father can also scale the heights of academics.

Since it is not my style to blow my horn, I would not walk the Okoampah style through my activities at New York Times, Times Magazine, Ely Eco, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, THE BOSTON GLOBE, Los Angeles Times, CNN in Atlanta, Chicago Tribune, Macoan Telegraph, Star Tribune, ST PAUL, Pioneer press, and La Crescent County News.

Others are the PEW International Programe, The John Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, Star and Stripes, the U.S Army newspaper and some others I have lost count of.

Without a shred of doubt it is wrong for Okoampah to assume that once someone is practising JOURNALISM here in our mother land, the person is an illiterate and must be treated like a doormat. On the issue of Agyarko, if Okoampah is claiming to know all, let him investigate (if he says he is a true journalist) well enough to find out the real culprits who doled out money to some members of the Vetting Committee, just to denigrate the former Minister an stop him from getting into government during his vetting?

If ungratefulness is considered an abomination before the Lord, I find it strange that somebody like Okoampah has allowed sheer arrogance to impair his vision, leading to a refusal to see reality. Does this man not fear God because he has lived in America?

Behind the scenes events leading to Agyarko’s final exit is so jaw-breaking and monumental that, I do not think I can find room enough to write to inform ignoramuses such as the Okoampahs of this world, who live on the lap of paymasters who appear to want to carry on with business as usual, especially at the Energy Ministry.

It seems to me now that Okoampah and his cohorts have set aside the Krobos as a people who are alien to Ghana, for one resignation has followed another and this is dangerous coincidence for the NPP.

As for Agyarko he’s gone, but next time, Okoampah should go for sabbatical leave and come down to campaign and stop jumping from one issue to another all in an attempt to catch attention and become relevant when he is not. After all, if you cut your tongue for your supper, no right-thinking person would consider it meat enough for protein.

Okoampah would always get it wrong if he does not learn to humble himself, eschew arrogance, for after all, Columbia University is not heaven, neither is America. When talking about commonsense, he should relegate his so-called professorship to the background and stop bragging as if he is about the only person who has had American education, that is, even if it is the truth.

I live in the paradise of objectivity and would do nothing to hook on to the apron strings of a paymaster, even if he has a load of cash and is in the wrong. Let Okoampah know this for a fact.

Does he know what the sacking of Agyarko has caused to the larger NPP fraternity and the employment industry that uses electricity? Next time he comes to Ghana let him look for me and he is sure to learn a thing or two from me over both the NPP, and the NDC.

When was the very last time Ghana appeared as a good enough economy? When was the last time electricity tariffs was reduced? Let Okoampah be gracious enough to answer both President Kufuor and Mr Agyarko respectively.

He has the very last chance to speak truth in its purest form.

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